What does 'CharlotteBehappy' mean?
I have absolutely no idea. I've just been using it for ages and it seemed kind of appropriate for a blog name.

Where's your theme from?

I bought it from Etsy for £7.77. Here's where you can buy themes.

When do you upload posts?

Whenever I want, I usually write a load at once and space them out over the week. Currently I don't know but once I do I'll make it clear.

What do you blog about?

At the moment I mostly upload lifestyle posts.

How do I contact you?

Go to my info page, comment on a post, or email me: charlottebehappy@yahoo.co.uk

How did you make your blog?

I used blogger. It's owned by Google so if you have a Google or Youtube account, it's very easy to make an account and then a blog. I made a post on how to set up your own Blog on Blogger here.

Will you review my EP?

Since I no longer review music I'm not really up for this but you can still contact me if you like.

How many page views do you have?
It varies, I roughly get 100 per post and 80 per day. I currently have over 55000 page views.

How many followers do you have?

You can reach any of my social medias through my info pages and check it out yourself.

Do you do guest posts?
Yes, see my PR + Advertising page for guidelines.

How old are you/where are you from/what school do you go to?

I'm 18 years old and I'm from East London. I'm currently at Sixth form in full time education.

Do you make money from your blog/how do you make money?

I currently have ads on my blog, so please click on them to help a girl out haha!