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It might be fair to say that most men don’t particularly enjoy the prospect of having to pack. Seemingly choosing to take care of every other important task before finding that somehow, the days have dwindled down into hours and now departure time is alarmingly close. But we do it, begrudgingly throwing a random assortment of things into our suitcase with only the vaguest notion of whether we’ll need them at all. Travelling for business? Shirt and tie. Meeting up with the in-laws? Again, shirt and tie? You get the point..

Throughout my many years of travelling triumphs and disasters I’ve learned that if you do indeed fail to prepare, then you may as well prepare to fail. Save the headache (and quite possibly additional expense) and put in a little time beforehand to ensure that your trip is smooth sailing from here on out.

This easy to follow guide will see you on your way from travel amateur to pro in no time. 


Get Your Washing Done Ahead of Time
Knowing exactly what you need to pack is obviously a good place to start. But what use is that if the items of clothing you need are sitting dirty at the bottom of the laundry basket with no time to spare. Getting all your laundry fresh and clean beforehand will give you a full selection to confidently choose from, ensuring that you won’t need to compromise on the day.

Organize And Set Aside Your Essential Items
4am flights are never fun and often good cause for forgetting something you’ll really need, like say a passport. Remove any risk of scrambling around and get it taken care of the night before. Store all of your necessities together in a safe place (not too safe) so that you will be ready to roll. As an added bonus, figure out what clothes you want to travel in to remove one more decision on the day.

Use A Dopp Kit To Store Your Toiletries
A zip-lock plastic bag will do, but while you’re at it why not travel in style? Get yourself a leather Dopp Kit to store your toothbrush, toothpaste etc. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered here.

Make The Most of Your Space

If you want to take an extra pair of shoes that’s not a problem. However, be sure to utilize the space that you have. Rolling up socks into your shoes for example, can free up space for other essential items you plan to take and also has the added benefit of making sure your shoes stay in good shape.

Designate An Interior Compartment For Your Chargers

Whether it’s in your carry on or your case, group all your chargers together. Chargers top the list of most frequently forgotten items and you may not have any time for a detour later to pick one up. It’s always worth picking up a universal adaptor as well and leaving it in your case for future trips. 

Start Unpacking Once You Arrive

The longer your things sit in your case the more wrinkled they are going to become. Once you get to your room, open up your case and take the opportunity to hang up your shirts and other clothing. Then congratulate yourself and enjoy your trip!

Author Bio
Josh Roberts is a co-founder at The Amenity Kit - a premium provider of travel, everyday and business accessories.  He enjoys bringing products to life that he would look to buy for himself. Check out their latest leather dopp kit collection and find them on Facebook.