Results Day and Future Plans | CharlotteBehappy

Since I shared my GCSE Results two years, I thought I would also share my A Level results too, as well as update you on my future plans.
I have also started a youtube channel, and I have a view talking about my results here:

Last year in my AS levels I got 4As, but only two counted. Psychology counted since I then dropped it, and so did AS Maths as it was still a modular course.
As you can see, I got an A* in Maths, an A in Biology and an A in Chemistry, as well as an A in AS Further Maths which I took up this year. You can see the UMS out of 100 for all the maths modules I took this year (last year I got 97 in C1 and 74 in S1 and originally 77 in C2 which I retook).
There's no UMS for the new Biology and Chemistry exams.

At the start of October I will be going to Lancaster University to study Natural Sciences. Natural Sciences is essentially a course which allows you to study multiple sciences and maths. So for example I will be studying a Biology course focusing on biomedical science and microbiology. I will also be studying an environmental chemistry course as well as a maths course. I'll be studying these along with students studying these as single honours, the difference is I will be studying only the compulsory modules in the first year.

Let me know how you did and what you're doing, I'd be really interested to know.