Holland Park | CharlotteBehappy

On my blog I love to show free places in London that maybe you would never have visited. Okay, Holland Park is well known to quite a few people but it's not a typical tourist spot.
Holland Park station is further west than Oxford Circus, and it's on the central line. Holland Park is home to a few little spots, like Kyoto Gardens which I've photographed, as well as Dutch gardens and an open opera theatre. The terrain is like that of a forest and most parts so would be muddy on a rainy day.
There's also areas for children to play as well as toilets and a cafe. The park is situated in a very posh area, like that of Notting Hill.
It's a beautiful park that's quite different from other ones in London like Hyde park. Although it's further out, there's a lot more trees providing shades and cover (depending on the weather). I'd definitely recommend a trip out there and click to see more photos.