Thames Barrier Park | CharlotteBehappy

I love London but it's very easy to find yourself a) always going to the same places (Westfield, Camden, Oxford Street) or b) feeling as if you've gone pretty much everywhere. I have my top 10 favourite places to visit in London post here. I'm always keen on finding new free places in London I haven't been before. Today I visited the Thames Barrier Reef and the park that surrounds it. You can access it from the DLR and it's right outside the station Pontoon Dock (on the way to city airport). I went here once on a school trip and there used to be fountains where lots of kids would play when it's hot but today there was just a lone skateboarder. It's still a really nice park and I thought I'd share some pictures with you.

It's a beautiful park near the river, and is ideal for picnicking due to it's flat ground and lots of trees providing shades. There's a kids play area, a basketball court, and an area with exercise equipment. There's also a beautiful garden beneath the park with bridges crossing the hedges and flowers (and I specifically remember playing amazing hide and seek in it with my friends). The park is easy to access from Stratford as well as other DLR stops on the route to Woolwich Arsenal. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot near this area (although the emirates air line isn't too far) so it may be a bit out of the way, but on a Tuesday it was very peaceful and you can sit on benches near the river and enjoy some lunch.

Excuse the finger, I'm such a fab photographer as you can see
You might be able to see the emirates air line in the background