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Five quick style tips for men out there
There are few things that you can change about yourself, so surely women out there will notice you more and your companions will treat you better. Following are some of the quick tips that all men should follow and upgrade their style. Have a look at them:

  • Lay out your clothing the night before
One way of dressing better is to lay out your clothing the night before. It will give you time to think better what to wear, and you can choose the outfit that suits you. Mornings are busy, so it gets hard to select the right clothing; this is why I would suggest doing it at night. This way, your mornings will become easier, you just have to get up, have breakfast, get ready and leave. 

  • Take care of the accessories
Another quick fashion tip is to take care of the accessories that you choose to wear. Accessories make and break the look; this is the reason they ought to be perfect in every way. You can wear some nice watch and a tie that complements your outfit. In the case you are dressing up for some occasion that is too formal or for some business meeting, you can wear a great pair of cufflinks as well. Just keep it simple and classy. Remember that less is more!

  • Own an Indestructible Dopp Kit
All the men out there need to own a durable dopp kit; you can get one that is manufactured using rubber and is water resistant. This will help you to store things like perfume and cologne. A man should always smell good as this is the most attractive factor so keep a dopp it with you all the time with all the things that you may need, perfume, nail cutter, a little comb, hair gel and more. You must buy the dopp kit that is leak proof so that you can store the liquid things easily. 

  • Buy Core Pieces, Not Outfits
Don’t buy the complete outfit that is displaced in a catalog or at the shop, get the core pieces because they are the essential items one need. You can mix and match them with different things and create your own look. They will help you out in creating interchangeable looks. Just make sure to select the right patterns and correct fabrics, not the ones that are meant for one season only. Go for the pieces that you can wear the entire year in all the seasons. 

  • Keep your outfits clean
The last but not the least, an important fashion quick tip is to keep your outfit clean; it is an important thing because your outfit tells a lot about your personality. In the case of stains, treat them as soon as possible with a stain remover. Like the other things in life, stains cannot wait, so you have to treat them right away as a quick fix. 
All these tips are quick style tips that each man must follow. Good day!

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Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! :)