Top 10 Favourite Places in London | CharlotteBehappy

Today I thought I'd thought I'd share some of my absolute favourite places to go in London. I've done my best to include travel information that would be useful, but usually I know this places by heart and I'm not the most knowledgable with roads and directions etc (so Google maps may be slightly more reliable).
You might see a recurring theme here of parks and outside places. Everywhere is free to visit, but obviously you've got to eat. This isn't the post for you if you're looking for museums and galleries, but it is for you if you want amazing views and beautiful places to go. The list isn't in any order, so here we go.

1. Primrose Hill/Camden/Regent's Park
Camden is probably the one place that we've all heard of and know as being 'cool'. Camden Town and market is all very nice (although expensive for a market). The houses around are beautiful, so it's well worth talking a walk around them and going to Primrose Hill. Primrose Hill is quite a small park compared to other ones on this list but there's a large hill which is definitely worth the trek. At the top are beautiful views of London, where you can see the BT tower, King's Cross St Pancras, the London Eye, the Shard and more. It's one of my favourite views in such a beautiful area. You can also see London Zoo, located in Regent's Park and it's easy to walk to it (and you can also see a few animals). Regent's Park is a massive park that has an open air theatre and beautiful well-kept areas with loads of flowers and fountains. To get to Primrose Hill, you can take the Northern Line to Chalk Farm or Camden Town and walk. Regent's Park can be reached by Regent's Park station (Bakerloo line) or from a walk from Camden.

2. Euston/UCL/Tottenham Court Road

This isn't a particularly touristy area but is one that means a lot to me. This particular area I refer to as 'Euston' although Euston (Overground/Victoria/Northern/National Rail), Euston Square (Circle/Hammersmith & City/Metropolitan), Warren Street (Northern/Victoria), Goodge Street (Northern) and Tottenham Court road (Northern/Central) all serve this area. Nearby is the beautiful UCL campus where you can go inside the campus and take pictures outside the beautiful buildings. Alternatively you can attend one of the meetings and events open for the general public. Nearby is the Gower Street Waterstone's (my personal favourite) which is old and quaint and feels like a maze. There's also this one area outside a church with creepy chairs and tables just sitting outside right next to a main road and telephone box which was in an episode of Sherlock. You can easily walk to Tottenham Court Road where there's loads of shops and restaurants including a sourdough pizza place called Franco Manca (there's always a massive queue but you can skip that by getting takeaway). You can walk all the way up Tottenham Court Road to the theatres and the massive Foyles and Denmark Street.

3. Piccadilly Circus/Green Park
So this is one of the more touristy ones and don't get me wrong, I'm not that keen on the massive billboards at Piccadilly Circus (Picadilly/Bakerloo). However, if you walk towards the Ritz, you can get to the BIGGEST WATERSTONE'S (which by the way has toilets that aren't too bad) and has amazing displays and is great to just go and read. Next door to that is a pricey Turkish cafe called Kahve Dünyasi which does amazing cakes (Mocha Cake is my favourite) and coffee and tea and chocolate and all those things. Then if you keep walking, you go past a church which has a little market on sometimes and get to Green Park (Victoria/Jubilee/Picadilly) which is a lovely green park with just loads of trees and green space - it's also near St. James Park and hence Buckingham Palace.

4. Angel
So you can reach Angel by the Northern Line or walk from Highbury and Islington (Overground/Victoria). This is a beautiful area with loads of quite little shops and cafes and restaurants and pubs. Again, I love this area for personal reasons but it's such a lovely area if you want to see a film and eat and shop as oppose to walk around.

5. St Paul's/Trafalgar Square
So this is a touristy one that a lot of people know about, but near St Paul's cathedral (central) is a shopping centre (weird for central London) called the Exchange. You can get in this lift, directly opposite to St Paul's (and I believe Alan Sugar went up it once in the Apprentice) and go the top. There's a fancy bar but also a free public viewing area. The sights are beautiful and you can see St Paul's which is all lit up at night (100% go on a Friday evening, there won't be anyone there) and you can get stunning pictures as well as views of typical London landmarks. You can also hop on a bus to Trafalgar Square, again which is stunning at night and go either to Westminster (see later) or even walk to Leicester Square (an area I personally avoid although the Lego store has a MAD display).

6. Hampstead Heath/Parliament Hill
So this is somewhere I've been once, but next summer I'll be hitting this up more. So you can actually swim here in the waters I believe for free, or you can do the trek up the hill and again see beautiful but different views of London. Like Primrose Hill, it's very laid back with kids running around and couples drinking looking at sunsets (cute). It's a big lovely park and you can get near to it by the overground and is surrounded by loads of nice charity shops and cafes.

7. Westminster/Southbank
This is a more touristy one but Big Ben is pretty stunning, as is the London eye. I'm not sure what this exact area is called but you can get there via Westminster (Circle/District/Jubilee) or Embankment (Bakerloo/Northern/Cirlce/District). This is super picturesque along the river and there's loads of bridges and shops and restaurants and even a theatre, massive cinema and the random skate board park. This is a great place to go at night again since it's beautiful with all the lights and that and you can't see the murky waters.

8. Finsbury Park/Clissold Park
Finsbury Park is a big park (there's also a bowling place near the station - Victoria and Piccadilly) that's really nice and I remember going as a child. There's not a whole lot in the general area but it's kinda trendy I guess. You can walk to another park called Clissold, again it's just a park although I watched Ferris Bueller in the park thanks to Luna Cinema who do similar events in different parks. These are nice areas if you want to get to properrr London where people live and go and there's loads of places to eat and drink.

9. Greenwich
This is like the touristy place that isn't even that touristy and is kinda out of the way. This place is beautiful, there's museums and cutty sark (a massive boat) and the park! Yes, another one! You can walk all the way up to the top where the observatory is and see again, beautiful views (but different!) of London. Also I fucking love the DLR and you can travel all around Canary Wharf area on the DLR where you can sit at the front and pretend you're driving the train and satisfy your childish needs. It's super picturesque and the park is so nice! Probably my favourite because it's not too packed.

10. Alexandra Palace
Okay so I originally went here to see the Last Shadow Puppets back in July. But Ally Pally can be reached from Finsbury Park by bus or by the train. Again, there's beautiful views (trust me they're all different) and you sit up on the hill or can eat at the pub/bar in the actual 'palace'. There's also a kids play part and a pond where you can go on pedlos. There's usually fairs and things but you can go and sit and chat and picnic and drink and have a fab time.

So that's it! Sorry I don't have photos for them all, or that some are outdated, hope you enjoyed this!