Cambridge | CharlotteBehappy

So a few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Cambridge.
I thought I'd share a few snaps from my visit as well as let you know some of the places we visited.

So we got a 9:00am train from Liverpool Street to the city centre. It was a pretty quick journey, and we arrived in about an hour. We then walked to the city centre which wasn't too far.
The first place we walked past was the Polar Museum at the Scott Polar Research Institute (where lectures were actually going on). This was a small museum with artefacts and art depicting different expeditions to the North and South Pole.
We then visited the Fitzwilliam Museum which is essentially the British museum of Cambridge. It has tonnes of art from ancient times as well as a few bits from various other time periods.
We then walked around the town centre, visited from Churches and Cathedrals, looked at the historic colleges (although we weren't allowed access to them), walked up the river past some punters, and found some food to eat.
We also visited a small museum called the Whipple Museum. This was a museum which documented the history of Science, and famous inventions which led to discoveries and advancements in the Scientific field.

Finally, we visited the Cambridge Botanic Gardens. This was no Kew (which I visited earlier this year - see here) but it was still beautiful and had some nice sites to see.
After that we sat in a Costa waiting for our train home.

It was a beautiful city and in February it wasn't too cold. I'd definitely recommend going to visit it as it isn't far from London, and there's lots of free stuff to do.
See more pictures below