LUSH: Demos + Reviews | CharlotteBehappy

So today I thought I'd share with you a review of some Lush bath bombs and show some photos of what they look like. I know some of these are Christmas ones (so sorry I didn't get this up earlier) but then I'm sure you can buy these on eBay and also I love looking at these kinds of photos. So here we go...

Never Mind the Ballistics

So here's my thoughts. This was a sherbet scented bath bomb that smelt of Rhubarb and Custard sweets - it was amazing. Each side of the bath bomb smelt different, it was so nostalgic. The bath was a glittery pee colour, not the most appealing colour but eventually it goes a more peach colour as the pink mixes in. It was a very oily bath which leaves your bath oily and your skin oily.

Intergalatic Bath Bomb

This bath bomb has a minty toilet cleaner smell which is unusual. It was a beautiful glittery blue bath bomb with some yellow in it. You'll get glitter all over your hands and glitter will be left on your skin. This has a menthol smell which will be great if you have a cold to clear your sinus. There's some popping candy sounds but it's inaudible over running water. You will need to SCRUB your bath after this one.

Northern Lights

This was a beautiful bath bomb but it took a long time to dissolve. You get a yellow water with a neutral clean smell that isn't too strong. There's bright neon colours and a milky froth. It's a really pleasant smell.

Monster's Ball Bath Bomb

This was another really beautiful one but it smashed and crumbled in the bag. It had the typical Lush smell that was light and fruity. It was pretty simple and definitely one of the most beautiful bath bombs.

Sakura Bath Bomb

This is another one that smelt like the shop. However it left no colour in the water (initially it was just a cloudy white colour but that left). It had little scent and wasn't oily. This is probably ideal for sensitive skin.

Golden Wonder

This is very very glittery. It smells gorgeous and the scent is really strong. It makes a beautiful blue green colour and leaves gold stars in the water. The water is shimmery but it also means your bath will be so you'll need to clean it. This is one of my absolute favourite bath bombs.

So White Bath Bomb

This has a light smell that some people say smell of apples. It is pearlescent white and then turns to a blue green colour. It's very nice and is a creamy bath bomb, not an oily one.