Kew Gardens | CharlotteBehappy

So yesterday I took a trip all the way across London to Kew Gardens. At the moment, because the weather is all wintry and cold, tickets are only £8 which is about half price (usually they're around the £15 mark). So despite some initial rain, it made for a really pleasant day out with my boyfriend and I'm just going to share some snaps with you.

So if you don't know what Kew Gardens is, it's a protected site in London (essentially a massive park) with tonnes of trees. There's: a tree top walkway where you can walk at the tree tops; several greenhouses with loads of different types of plants and also some fish; tall Japanese towers and bridges and a gateway where you'll find lots of peacocks; caf├ęs and shops; lots of trees and plants including bamboo; and also there's a 'palace' although that was shut in the winter. 
Kew Gardens is located near Richmond and isn't really near anything else other than an airport. However it's definitely child friendly and at this time of year it's very quiet and peaceful.

Here I'm going to share with you some photos from my day out, all shot on an either an iPhone 6 or a Sony phone.
So here you go, enjoy.
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