Ultimate Guide to Winter Hair Care (guest post) | CharlotteBehappy

So recently a lovely woman got in touch with me about writing a guest post. It's pretty self explanatory who she is and so on down below. If you're interested in writing for this blog, get in touch with me via charlottebehappy@yahoo.co.uk or contact me through my social media which can be found here. So enjoy this post and leave any comments down below!x

Ultimate Guide for Winter Hair Care

Just like during summer, our hair can get super damaged during winter months as well. For many people, hair care is an absolute enigma. Some don’t even know which products to use for which purposes and end up having their hair totally ruined. Knowing all that, who in the world could catch up with all that face routines, clothing trends, and hair routines? Not to mention, they change every season. After reading this article, you will hopefully understand that taking care of your hair is a piece of cake. 

LUSH: Demos + Reviews | CharlotteBehappy

So today I thought I'd share with you a review of some Lush bath bombs and show some photos of what they look like. I know some of these are Christmas ones (so sorry I didn't get this up earlier) but then I'm sure you can buy these on eBay and also I love looking at these kinds of photos. So here we go...

Never Mind the Ballistics

Ear Piercing Experience (Claire's) | CharlotteBehappy

Back in October I got my ears pierced (yes at 17 years of age).
I originally wanted to get my ears pierced at a Jeweller's but apparently they don't do that anymore. The only other options that I could see was either a proper piercings place or Claire's. I was advised to go to Claire's as they would use a piercing gun there which would be less painful and quicker, as opposed to a needle.

Kew Gardens | CharlotteBehappy

So yesterday I took a trip all the way across London to Kew Gardens. At the moment, because the weather is all wintry and cold, tickets are only £8 which is about half price (usually they're around the £15 mark). So despite some initial rain, it made for a really pleasant day out with my boyfriend and I'm just going to share some snaps with you.