URBAN DECAY: Palette + Lipstick | CharlotteBehappy

Hello! It's me. I'm back after a four month hiatus and I'm really sorry. My exams just got a hold of me and then I had work experience and then I was out and about and really busy (a post up soon). 
But anyway, my amazing friend Eleanor gave me a very very belated birthday gift (my birthday is in November...). She got me the Naked 2 palette and an Urban Decay matte lipstick.
Also from now on I'll be uploading every Tuesday and Friday.

So here's the lowdown.
This palette isn't cheap but compared to a lot of other palettes on the market it's not too bad. It comes with 12 shades, mostly shimmery with a few mattes. They're named: Foxy (a slightly yellow matte), Half Baked (a shimmery yellow gold), Booty Call (a slightly glittery pale white), Chopper (a rose gold/copper hybrid), Tease (a matte grey purple), Snakebite (a velvety deep brown), Suspect (a slightly warmer, golder bronze), Pistol (a shining gun grey), Verve (a silvery grey), YDK (a beautiful deep bronze), Busted (a deep deep brown), and Blackout (a deep black).
The matte shadows are slightly less pigmented than the shimmery and some have a baked finish and other a more typical sheen. The last five shades are extremely pigmented, especially YDK. Some of the shades are quite similar but there's quite a range so you can definitely make quite a few looks. 
The palette came with a pretty decent double ended brush and about four primer testers which last about a week each.
All in all, it looks amazing, the shades are beautiful and of good quality but it's definitely not unique.

Again, this lipstick is not cheap but it's quality is fantastic. It's a similar colour to Mac Rebel but is a matte. It's definitely long lasting (I'm talking you need to use products to get this off) and isn't trying. It's such a beautiful colour and formula, definitely one up on Mac. I feel like this is definitely worth the price for a beautiful, pigmented lipstick that will stay on.