Red Gloss | CharlotteBehappy

Recently I've been really into strong, bright lip colours. This means I've been spending a little bit too much money on lipglosses and that. These are two good drugstore choices.

The first is from Kiko. It's a lip plumping glossy cherry red which makes your lips tingle. It's not extremely pigmented and without a lip liner it can look patchy and this does also fade a little bit funny, staining your lips in some places and not others. It's very glossy and shiny but not glittery at all and it only costs about £5.

The second is from Sleek. It applies like a liquid lipstick and you'd expect it to dry matte because it's pigmented. This ones glossy and a little glittery but doesn't have the same shine as the Kiko one. The shade is bit more muted and pink toned and again costs about £5.