Ecotools Review | CharlotteBehappy

In the sales I was lucky enough to pick up this ecotools set for only £5.
Before I was a devout Real Techniques fan, but for drugstore brushes they are pretty pricey. I decided to pick these up on a whim just to try them out.

The powder brush if almost duo fibre and very light but softer than the RT version and does a pretty decent job. The angled foundation brush is amazing, it blends so well and I think I prefer it to the RT blending brush (although mine's pretty old by now). The Concealer brush is perfect for cream contour and highlight as it fits in the hollows of your face perfectly. The eyeshadow brush is a little hard but is great for packing on glittery pigment as oppose to blending.

In short, these brushes are pretty good and I'll be trying more out as they're a lot more affordable, don't shed, and do an amazing job.