2015 in review | CharlotteBehappy

Heya everyone! So I'm finally back. I've taken a break for a bit since I've been so overwhelmed with work and a levels and that but hopefully I should be around for a while now. Thank you so much for all the comments and support and views you've donated to this blog in 2015. Today I've got a summary post of some of the amazing things that happened last year (I know I'm a bit late on this). In short, 2015 was a crazy year. SO much happened and so much changed and I've included some of my favourite pictures from the last year (some that have been on this blog before, and some that are exclusive). 

  At the end of 2014, around Christmas time I had the most amazing time making these snowmen biscuits and reindeer doughnuts. They were super easy to make and I have a full blogpost here.

You may see a recurring theme of Pizza hut in these photos hmm. So the second one is from January time where I met up with one of my old times for good ol' pizza.

This another Pizza Hut special from around April time. Love these girls so much and they really made my year. Don't know how I would've made it through GCSEs and exams without Farah and Aisha. Miss these two a lot!x

Here's a couple of photos from our leaver's tea or 'prom'. Again I have a full post here. It was honestly so amazing for us all to dress up and say goodbye to our secondary school of five years. I think all our expectations were blown and it didn't turn out to be nowhere near as nightmarish as we expected. It's so emotional looking back at these photos.

  Throwback to a great meal at Farah's.

 In June after exams I stayed with my cousins for a bit. I have a full post here.

Throwback to my holiday in Mallorca when I was actually tanned.

Of course I had to share some snaps from my amazing day in Southend with my loved ones Asiya and Farah. Full post here.

 So I think that's about it. Stayed tune for some more amazing things in 2016 hopefully! I'll be uploading regularly as soon as possible.
Lots of love, Charlotte x