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I know I've not written anything in a while but instead of giving loads of excuses (a levels what else) I'm just going to go straight into another review.

So today I tried at the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask.
It's a sheet mask that costs £0.99 and it claims it's a 'super-hydrating revitalising mask'. The mask is designed to 'revitalise the radiance of your skin'. It comes in a big packet with a fabric sheet which is covered in a mix between a lotion and a gel. It has a blue layer which you peel off when you put the mask on. The mask is supposed to be really hydrating (it's apparently inspired by Asia - not sure if that sentence is particularly nice) and it claims to be the equivalent of use a serum for a week. It contains pomegranate extract (which can actually treat haemorrhoids) and Hyaluronic acid (which is used in lip filler, and there is no evidence to suggest it is particularly anti-aging). The ingredients also state is contains witch hazel which is a natural anti-acne treatment. You place the mask on your face for 15 minutes then take it off, by which time your skin should be intensely rehydrated, smoother and radiant.

Now with the application. So this mask in general is very big like most would be but the eye, nose and mouth holes are way too small (or maybe mine are absolutely massive). It smells quite clean and lotion-y (like the aftersun from this brand if you've ever tried it). It slips and slides around your face a bit but it stays on. It stings a little bit so this may not actually be ideal for sensitive skin despite saying that it is. Unlike a traditional mask, there's no way to tell if it has 'set', you would need to time yourself.
So I left this on my face for about half an hour. There were definitely noticeable effects from this mask. My skin was definitely plump and firmer. It looked the same afterwards and there was a lot left on my skin. I wiped it away with a cotton pad and there was a bit of residue left which soon just went into the skin (like a serum). It doesn't leave a tacky or dry feeling to the skin at all; I think the purpose is for it to be like using a cream. It definitely hydrates your skin, leading it smooth and without and bumps or dry patches.
Overall it's not too expensive but it is a bit gimmicky and fiddly but if you want something to moisturise your skin, it's a pretty good idea.

URBAN DECAY: Palette + Lipstick | CharlotteBehappy

Hello! It's me. I'm back after a four month hiatus and I'm really sorry. My exams just got a hold of me and then I had work experience and then I was out and about and really busy (a post up soon). 
But anyway, my amazing friend Eleanor gave me a very very belated birthday gift (my birthday is in November...). She got me the Naked 2 palette and an Urban Decay matte lipstick.
Also from now on I'll be uploading every Tuesday and Friday.

Brighton | CharlotteBehappy

So it's coming up to exam season (cry) and I just want to apologise for the sporadic posting (well lack of posting all together).
On Friday the first of April I went on an amazing day trip to Brighton with my boyfriend Hasan (all round fab guy) and I took a fair amount of photos to share with you. I've pretty much always wanted to go to Brighton and since so many Youtubers live there it's impossible to not see the pier and the town in videos. I've got to say it definitely lives up to the hype. It's honestly so beautiful but it is pretty small. I feel like a day trip is really all you need.

Benefit Minis Review | CharlotteBehappy


During the black Friday sales, you were able to get all these minis for £25 at Boots. This gave me a chance to try out everything.
Firstly, the concealer's pretty horrible. It's thick and doesn't blend well and it creases like nothing else. On your skin it's okay, although it exaggerates pores. I use the darker shade for contour and it lasts pretty well.
I'm a big fan of Hoola bronzer as it blends well and the grey tones mean it makes a great shadow. The blusher is a love light pink shade which is pigmented the right around and is shimmery but not glittery. Definitely one of the best things in the kit.
The mascara is tip top of course, it makes your eyelashes long and thick but I wouldn't bother getting the full sized at all. The eyeliner is a nightmare. It's so clumpy and it balls up on your eye. It transfers really badly and is impossible to get off (baby oil is needed).
The primer personally made my skin feel a little dry and tight but smooth and fills in your pores. Isn't miraculous enough for me to get the full sized. I don't have a picture but the eyecream stings your eyes like nothing else and makes no improvement. Click read more for pictures x

£1 Highlight | CharlotteBehappy

Uhm so did you know that Poundland has a makeup line because I sure as hell didn't. And guess what, everything in it is £1. I decided to pick this up randomly, and it's just a highlighter in a light pink shade. It's glittery and fairly pigmented. I think it works better as a massive eyeshadow as oppose to a highlight shade, and it adds colour to your cheek so be careful if you mix this with a blusher. It doesn't really add a glow like some highlighters but more of a glittery look.
It's not amazing, but for £1, it could be worse.

Ecotools Review | CharlotteBehappy

In the sales I was lucky enough to pick up this ecotools set for only £5.
Before I was a devout Real Techniques fan, but for drugstore brushes they are pretty pricey. I decided to pick these up on a whim just to try them out.

The powder brush if almost duo fibre and very light but softer than the RT version and does a pretty decent job. The angled foundation brush is amazing, it blends so well and I think I prefer it to the RT blending brush (although mine's pretty old by now). The Concealer brush is perfect for cream contour and highlight as it fits in the hollows of your face perfectly. The eyeshadow brush is a little hard but is great for packing on glittery pigment as oppose to blending.

In short, these brushes are pretty good and I'll be trying more out as they're a lot more affordable, don't shed, and do an amazing job.

Red Gloss | CharlotteBehappy

Recently I've been really into strong, bright lip colours. This means I've been spending a little bit too much money on lipglosses and that. These are two good drugstore choices.

The first is from Kiko. It's a lip plumping glossy cherry red which makes your lips tingle. It's not extremely pigmented and without a lip liner it can look patchy and this does also fade a little bit funny, staining your lips in some places and not others. It's very glossy and shiny but not glittery at all and it only costs about £5.

The second is from Sleek. It applies like a liquid lipstick and you'd expect it to dry matte because it's pigmented. This ones glossy and a little glittery but doesn't have the same shine as the Kiko one. The shade is bit more muted and pink toned and again costs about £5.

2015 in review | CharlotteBehappy

Heya everyone! So I'm finally back. I've taken a break for a bit since I've been so overwhelmed with work and a levels and that but hopefully I should be around for a while now. Thank you so much for all the comments and support and views you've donated to this blog in 2015. Today I've got a summary post of some of the amazing things that happened last year (I know I'm a bit late on this). In short, 2015 was a crazy year. SO much happened and so much changed and I've included some of my favourite pictures from the last year (some that have been on this blog before, and some that are exclusive). 

  At the end of 2014, around Christmas time I had the most amazing time making these snowmen biscuits and reindeer doughnuts. They were super easy to make and I have a full blogpost here.

You may see a recurring theme of Pizza hut in these photos hmm. So the second one is from January time where I met up with one of my old times for good ol' pizza.

This another Pizza Hut special from around April time. Love these girls so much and they really made my year. Don't know how I would've made it through GCSEs and exams without Farah and Aisha. Miss these two a lot!x

Here's a couple of photos from our leaver's tea or 'prom'. Again I have a full post here. It was honestly so amazing for us all to dress up and say goodbye to our secondary school of five years. I think all our expectations were blown and it didn't turn out to be nowhere near as nightmarish as we expected. It's so emotional looking back at these photos.

  Throwback to a great meal at Farah's.

 In June after exams I stayed with my cousins for a bit. I have a full post here.

Throwback to my holiday in Mallorca when I was actually tanned.

Of course I had to share some snaps from my amazing day in Southend with my loved ones Asiya and Farah. Full post here.

 So I think that's about it. Stayed tune for some more amazing things in 2016 hopefully! I'll be uploading regularly as soon as possible.
Lots of love, Charlotte x