The Love/Hate Tag | CharlotteBehappy

I was tagged here, that you so much Dena-Jayne, sorry it took me so long to get round to it!
The purpose of this tag is to list 10 things you love, and 10 things you hate! Simple as really. 

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1. TV - I've never been a massive film person for some reason, I just can't commit to 90 minutes in most cases. But I'm a massive lover of the telly. Whether it's some trash on ITV Be or E!, or whether it's a critically acclaimed drama on Netflix, I love TV. I'd say some of my favourites as the Office US, Gogglebox, the Apprentice, The Only Way is Essex, House and American Horror Story. Bit of a mixture I know!

2. Spotify - I'm a massive music fan and when I downloaded spotify it changed my life. I've never had premium and I don't intend to get it but as I'm writing this I'm currently listening to an amazing playlist I've made which seems to have a lot of Gorillaz, Bowie and U2. Noice.

3. Makeup - This is a bit of an obvious one I know but I have a serious love for lipsticks and eyeshadows. I love applying makeup and buying makeup and it's definitely one of the most underrated forms of art, that's for sure. 

4. Sims 4 - I'm actually obsessed. I finally got Sims in the summer and I can literally spend hours doing God knows what. Currently I'm playing a family consisting of Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny as well as their kids (there's some on the way). Am I loser? By the way, that reminds of Cursed Child omg omg omg

5. Geography - Since about the age of 12 I've been pretty obsessed with knowing all the countries in the world and knowing as much as I can about them. I have a massive map on my wall that I often use in the background of my photos. I love educational Youtube channels probably the most (not just Geography ones) and GeographyNow is one of my absolute faves.

6. Potatoes - Like most people I have a real passion (is that the wrong word?) for chips and crisps and waffles and rostis etc. Potatoes are such an amazing food really. 

7. Chatting - Over the last few months I feel as though I've grown in confidence and become a chattier and more sociable person. This is definitely to do with going to a new school as well as achieving some milestones I never thought I would over the past few years like finishing school and exams and doing things like Duke of Edinburgh and being on School Council (I know these might sound arbitrary to some but for me they were massive achievements).

8. Cats (and dogs) - I literally love cats so much (I miss mine so much :( ). The other day I walked out of my house at about 7:30 on my way to Sixth form and saw two cats fighting and I literally stopped in the street and went 'what's going on?' to the cats. I'm not a crazy cat lady I swear ha.

9. Harry Potter - I'm not just your average Potterhead I guess. I've gotten into the habit of reading the entire series every summer (10 days if my record). I love these books more than many other things. These are the only books where I'd honestly cancel all plans just to read them. They mean so much to me in terms of nostalgia and the meaning and the characters and the plot. I adore them and I can't wait to read them to my children. 

10. Blogging - Duh! I love these sorts of chatty posts where I ramble on about my life to what feels like no one but oh well. I love replying to comments and interacting with other bloggers. I love makeup and sharing my thoughts and views. I love doing giveaways (ok I know I've only done one so far) and I love giving tips and advice. I love everyone who's ever bothered to read a single post. 

1. Sexist/racist/homophobic Youtubers/Viners that still have careers - Seriously what is this about. I understand that people can make mistakes and reform and become better people but I think those attitudes means you have no right to be famous and influential. I don't agree that they should have no career or hope in life but just that they shouldn't have the benefit of a wide reach.

2. Vomit - I know no one likes vomit but I have a phobia which I've talked about here

3. Muggy weather - I get such a bad SULA (sweaty upper lip alert - Wildchild anyone?) and I seriously can't deal with being really hot and sweaty. I feel super faint and gross and my makeup just sweats off. 

4. Not knowing what the future holds - If you couldn't already tell, I'm a really panicky, anxious, cautious person and I hate not knowing how things will turn out. I get super stressed over things that should be enjoyable and I live in the past and future way too much, and not the present! Everyday I try more and more to become more relaxed and calm but I freak out if I think about a levels for more than 10 seconds.

5. People with negative vibes - I try to be as positive and upbeat as possible and I get everyone has bad times but you know those people that complain about everything? Omg shut up. I used to be one of these but I like to thing I'm a bit more positive about most things, and I actively try to look for the good in everyone and every situation if I can. 

6. Turkish Delight - I don't think I need to go into details about how I ate this and then had norovirus. Yeah no.

7. Egg - I hate anything eggy or of eggy consistency, makes me gag. I might as well be straight up vegan because all dairy is pretty gross to me. 

8. When people act like teenagers/young people don't know shit just because they're young - This irks me like nothing else when older people (baby boomers) complain about the youth or imply that the youth don't know anything about politics (or life in general) just because we may think differently to them. I have a lot of hope for this generation honestly. We're the first ones to truly grow up with technology and to truly learn about things like climate change and poverty and politics. 

9. The prices of high end makeup - I hate hate hate how expensive some makeup is! It's ridiculous. I also hate how the majority of youtubers/bloggers focus on brands like Mac/Benefit etc even though they're on the cheaper end of luxury makeup they're still crazily overpriced for most people. I get too much foundation and palette envy.

10. When people don't move down inside the bus - Okay I don't know if everyone can relate to this but it seriously irritates me when you're on a packed bus and then loads of people get on the driver presses that button that's like 'please move down inside the bus' and people don't go and stand on the stairs at the back of the bus like what the hell do you have to stand in front of the doors and hog it so no one can get off. Also when people don't give up their seat for old people. What is your problem?