Superdrug Face Masks | CharlotteBehappy

I've not really seen anyone talk about these probably before so I thought I'd give it a crack.

These cost about £2.50 and are part of Superdrug's own brand tube face masks. Straight of the bat, these will save you a tone of money as usually one use packet ones cost £1 but these will last you so much longer.
The blue one is designed for dry skin and it's a 'moisture mask' which contains vitamin E. On your skin it's like a face cream and it makes your skin feel so much softer. It's a good one for winter and autumn to just add some moisture. It doesn't really dry completely like other face masks.
The Aloe Vera is for combination skin so it helps to get rid of dry skin as well as balance oils. This one also makes your skin so soft and it's a lot thicker. It has a cooling effect and there's noticeable difference when you use this.
Finally the clay mask is for oily skin and this is great in the summer when you're a little bit greasier. It contains actual clay and actual silt which you wouldn't expect in a cheap product! These are more natural than you'd think. It's thick and helps draw out impurities (great if you're on your period).
All in all these are so good for the price and last a long time too! There's a great range and I'd recommend picking one up for sure.