GCSEs to A Levels | CharlotteBehappy

Hiya. So today for those of you who are starting sixth form I thought I'd give some tips an advice for the jump. Later I'll hopefully have a 'how to succeed in your gcses guide' or something.

Choosing your options - This is the most important thing really and here's my advice.

  • I think if uni is the direction you want to go in, I'd choose at least two (preferably 3) out: English, Maths, the Sciences, Languages and Humanities. What you do is up to you.
  • You should really go for subjects your good at. I by good at I don't mean subjects that you get high grades in necessarily but instead ones that you feel as though you understand the most.
  • It's important to thoroughly research a course. Ask how much is each section, which bits are hard, which bits are boring and which are exciting. Ask what sections are most similar to GCSE and which are completely new. Make sure you research thoroughly!
  • If you know what you'd like to do in the future make sure you look up the options you need for that subject. For example, to do pretty much any science degree you need Chemistry and Biology or Maths (if not both) and for Law you'd be best off doing History and English. And don't worry! A lot of people change their option in the first few weeks or so.
  • If you can, give yourself one 'easy' option or one that's different from the others. For example if you're doing sciences, give yourself one that is more coursework based (like art) or one that's essay based (like psychology) or one that's completely unrelated (like econimcs). I think it's nice that even if your options combine nicely just to give yourself one that's different whether in content or style.

Choosing where to go

  • For some this may be easy. Your school may have a sixth form so you may just go there but the first thing to decide is is whether you want to leave or stay (for some this may be easy).
  • Secondly, decide if you want to go to a sixth form or college and if you don't know/mind, look around everywhere. I mean everywhere. Look at places that everyone's applying to and ones that no one's applying to.
  • If nothing tickles your fancy, that's okay. Apply to ones that seem decent. You may want to consider looking at % of A*-Bs and that but usually grades are more likely down to you rather than down to the place.
  • If you're stuck between two places, chat to your friends and ask what they'd do. I only decided a couple of days before results day and I'm over the moon with my choice. Follow your gut, trust me!