My Haircare Routine | CharlotteBehappy

Hi there, today I thought I'd share with you my general haircare routine.

So firstly, my hair is a a medium brown, quite dark on top and a lot lighter on the bottoms from the sun. It's fairly long and grows quite fast. It's straight and flat and doesn't curl to well. I wash it every other day, leaving it out on the day I wash it (I shower in the morning) and tie it up the second day.

To wash my hair I generally use any L'oreal shampoo. It cleans your hair well and leaves it so shiny. When using shampoo I only put it on the roots, leaving the ends of my hair completely bare. This means that the ends aren't stripped by shampoo and only the greasy roots are cleaned.
I then use conditioner, sometimes even on my hair. I leave it so that it can nourish my hair for as long as possible. I sometimes even condition my hair, wash it out, then condition it again and leave it in for a bit. Unfortunately conditioner can flatten down your hair, meaning you lose some volume.

I then put my hair in a towel turban and then leave it for about ten minutes. I then go ahead and dry my roots only, without brushing my hair. I never dry the ends as these get damaged more easily, and not brushing your hair makes it less likely to break. I let the ends air dry, and then brush them out using a tangle teezer and then put the L'oreal oil in my hair (I swear this post isn't sponsored).

Occasionally I use a hair mask all over my hair, root to tip before washing it out with shampoo. I sometimes apply more oil in my hair than the regular two pumps, either before/after straightening it or if it gets a little frizzy.