Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Review + update | CharlotteBehappy

Hi everyone! I'm back!x
Sorry I've been away. If you didn't know I recently started a completely new school and as well as that, I've started my a levels (I'm doing Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology for those interested). I usually batch post which means I'll write a lot of posts all at once and then schedule them to go up over the next month. If you look at a lot the more recent post, I'd written them in August or so which seems ages away. It's so crazy to think I had written them when I hadn't started a new school and I was so nervous and apprehensive about it all and now I've already finished half a term. So I promise that I will try my best to upload as regularly as possible but I make no money from blogging and this is purely a hobby but it has to come second to work sometimes. Either way, I've got loads of reviews planned as well as a tag and a lip swatch post coming up over the next month or so.
My birthday and Christmas aren't too far off too which means I should have even more things to review for all of you. I'm planning a new years giveaway too, so make sure you follow me on my social medias to keep updated with me: here. I thought I'd also add that since results day I had a remark in both History and English Literature. History didn't budge but English Literature went up to an A*! I'm also on the job hunt nowadays and have had a couple of interviews which I'll write about for those of you who are interested. Anyways, let's get it into it!

I think I might have spoken about this a long time ago but I recently found this old thing in my cupboard and started reusing it (it seems fine okay!).
This smells lovely and the tea tree properties are designed to fight acne although I've not noticed any massive improvements to my skin. It tightens your skin and smooths it out, making foundation apply really well. It improves the longevity of your foundation slightly but it doesn't prevent oils and doesn't visibly reduce the appearance of pores.
It's doesn't cost a crazy amount and it lasts a fair while. It's pretty decent but nothing phenomenal.