Volunteering | CharlotteBehappy

Hiya so today I just thought I'd share some information with you about some volunteering I've done.

So from September to May I volunteered at a Banardo's Charity Shop. Whilst there I basically cleaned any ceramics or crockery or cutlery that was sent in. I sorted through donations and tagged and sorted clothes. I cleaned the shop floor and shelves as well as checked CDs weren't scratched and toys weren't broken. I did about an hour at a time and it mostly consisted of sorting and cleaning. My manager was really nice and we mostly just chatted. Before I left I had just started learning how to work on the till. When I go to do Duke of Edinburgh silver, I'm mostly likely to go back.

This summer and last summer I've volunteered at the Summer Reading Challenge at my local library. These reading challenges are basically designed for kids to read books. They're supposed to read 6 books over the holidays and they get a prize for each book they read. My role is to listen to the kids read some of the book they've read or listen to their review of the book. I then give them some prizes and help them to stick an animal on the board which represents each book they read.

I hope this interested you, encouraged you or informed you. Leave any questions down below.