Shoe Collection: Heels, Flats, Trainers & Boots | CharlotteBehappy

Hello everyone! Today I'm showing you all the shoes I own! I hope you enjoy. I'm wearing socks because I don't feel like putting my feet on the internet, but usually I'd wear some of these without socks.

 Black suede heels: Matalan
I bought these for my Leavers Tea and they're rounded black heels with no platform. They're pretty uncomfortable but not too high. They're also not rain appropriate.

Block heels with gold trim: New Look
This make my feet look ugly but the block heel makes them easy to walk in and I love how they look, especially in tights/with jeans. However, the one strap and lack of platform makes they really uncomfortable so your toes can slip over the edge. I wore these to some weddings over the summer.

Black Patent Loafers: H&M
I got these specifically for sixth form and they're just shiny smart shoes that are pretty comfortable to walk in.

Black flats: Primark
These are just a staple and (hence the sticker on the bottom) are new. They're only £4.00 and just go with most thing. These just aren't great for a lot of walking.

Woollen Knitted Slippers: Gap
I bought these ratty slippers years ago but they keep your feet warm! That's what's most important.

Daisy Sneakers: New Look
I wear these an embarrassing amount because they're so comfortable and never cause me any problems. They're just so dirty.

Black Converse: Schuh
I love these and are great with jeans. The only problem is that they can pinch on my toes if I wear them for a long time.

Black & Pink Adidas Trainers: Sports Direct
These were pretty cheap (I don't know a lot about trainers) and I use these mostly for running.

Black boots: Deichmann
I love wearing these with dresses/skirts with tights and socks to keep my feet warm and because they're slightly too big around the feet.