Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review | CharlotteBehappy

So this is the worst BB cream that I've ever tried. I bought this from Boots and it was pretty pricey, I can't lie I was pretty pumped to try this. Revlon is an expensive 'drugstore' brand (if you can even call it that) and I rarely treat myself to Revlon makeup. I have this in the lightest shade and it has SPF 30.

 It has a moussey creamy formula but it does not blend. It's super sticky and doesn't set. When you blend it, it mostly just wipes off your skin rather than set, and it catches in your eyebrows and on dry skin and looks terrible. It's super greasy and orange and melts off, which kinda defeats the point of a BB cream. You'd expect a BB cream to be ideal for hot/sunny days where you don't want to wear foundation but this is the thickest thing I've ever used and is super greasy.

 This is after blending with a stifling brush. You can see how it sets weirdly, goes into fine lines and is super streaky.
Yeah this is a little too light for me. So it just sort of makes your skin look worse in the end. I would really not recommend this BB cream.