Maybelline Color Elixir Review | CharlotteBehappy

Whilst writing this post, I'm yet to start Sixth form but by the time you're reading this I've already been at a new school for a month (crazy!). Therefore I need more nude/neutral lipsticks (I tend to have a lot of reds and pinks). I watched a hell of a lot of glosses and lipsticks on my hand before picking up this number.

This is like a 'liquid lipstick'. It's not extremely pigmented but enough so that you don't need a lipliner or lipstick underneath. It's super glossy and it lasts a really long time for a lipgloss. This lipgloss is called Caramel Infused and is a neutral pinky colour. Also love the packaging. All in all, for £6.99, it's pretty decent as it's well pigmented, not sticky and lasts well.