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Disclaimer: This is extremely photo heavy.
Disclaimer part 2: I was totally meant to do a 'Summer Holiday Favourites' kind of post but the photos turned out really gross and I couldn't fix it in time so I've scrapped that for now, but if you'd still like to see it, or something similar, just comment down below. Also, I'm sorry this is late.

On Sunday the 9th of August, my friends and I (links at the bottom of the post) took a little trip to Southend. If you're from East London (or most of London I think?) then you'll know Southend pretty well as it's the nearest seaside. 

It's not particularly nice in the sense that there aren't palm trees or sandy beaches (this is Britain we're talking about), but when it's 25 degrees and there's bright blue skies and your friend has bubbles and there's a long pier, what can go wrong?

We paddled around in the sea, went for a walk along the pier, sat in various caf├ęs, cut our feet on rocks, washed our feet in the kids fountain, sat in benches and blew bubbles at kids and ran onto trains.

'Pretend like we're having a real conversation'
'Is she taking a photo?'
When your squad's so in sync you blink at the same time.

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