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Hottest makeup trends around the world

In the modern times we live today beauty is a variable notion, not just because we welcome new beauty trends every now and then, but because the perception of beauty varies among different cultures and each of these cultures is setting their own standards. What’s extremely popular and trendy in one part of the world may be quite unknown, even surprising in other. So, even if you’re following global makeup trends, it wouldn’t hurt to see which new looks are hot in different parts of the world.

The UK – lush and natural beauty
One of the leading fashion and beauty centres, The UK is the hotspot of makeup novelties which captivate most of the feminine world around the globe sooner or later. Once popular, the bold and punk look is far gone. The latest beauty trends in the UK now magnify natural face, DIY beauty treatments and personalized skin care based on custom-made lab products. British makeup trends are oriented to unspoiled natural beauty, which includes thick, full and well defined brows, fluttery eyelashes, nude lipsticks and subtle smokey eyes, mostly based on pastel and bright natural tones. British ladies also love products made from organic ingredients, so organic makeup is rising to be a very popular trend.

Brazil –feminine look at its best 
While being the country of recognizable Latino beauty and incredible body curves, Brazil recently became a meeting place of European and US makeup techniques. This look accents feminine and glamorous look influenced by Brazilian soap operas and leading models, such as Gisele Bundchen and Isabeli Fontana. One of the greatest Brazilian trends is lower lashes underlined with waterproof mascara or eyeliner and usually softened with a brush for a more casual look. Deep red and wine lipsticks became a must-have for Brazilian ladies who embrace delicate pastel and brighter hues, especially pink and crimson, as well as efficient BB creams.

Russia – radiant and matched appearance
 Unlike their European and American friends, Russian women are less willing to stick to currently popular trends, but they rather choose what makes them look and feel pretty. Coral hues of lipsticks, pastel eye shadows topped with wet eyelids gloss and powerful 3D lashes are popular among Russian ladies this summer, but they’re also in love with bright nail polishes inspired by fresh summer colours. Also, most of the ladies in Russia will pay strong attention to matching their makeup with the colour of their clothes, manicure and shoes.

Australia – daring cosmetic ventures 
Known for its laid-back lifestyle and positive vibe, Aussies are turning daring beautifying methods into an absolute makeup hit. While putting an accent on comfort and durability, the latest Australian makeup trends welcomed cosmetic tattoo as an excellent way of achieving a permanently beautiful appearance.  Based on tattoos applied usually on eyebrows, eyelids and lips, cosmetic tattooing is actually a permanent makeup technique used as a lasting definition of face attributes. 
Apart from this pretty practical trend, Australian girls are loyal to their national brand ASAP skin care that is famous for perfect nourishment (Aussie readers, get ASAP skin products from Skin Matrix).

South Korea – revolutionary skincare and makeup 
Probably to a great surprise of many makeup lovers, a lot of of global cosmetic fads actually originate from South Korea. The freshest one includes the natural look fever and ever-present skin hydration. However, the peak of Korean cosmetic innovation is a venture known as Aegyo Sal (meaning “eye smiles”). It is based on the accentuation of areas beneath the eyes either by plastic surgery or commercial fillers and fat grafts. Apart from this unique rejuvenating method, hottest Korean looks rely on cushion and blush compact foundations, water face masks, hydrating skin finishers and flush.

A diversity of greatly contrasted makeup trends around the world, from intact nude look to rich contouring and dramatic highlighting proves the fact that beauty standards are constantly evolving. After all, we are not the same, but we are all beautiful.
Where are you from? What are the hottest makeup trends in your country?

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