5 Tips for healthy eyes | CharlotteBehappy

We all get sore eyes from time to time and that can be for a variety or reasons. Sometimes people get migraines and see flashing lights but there's lots of simple ways to keep your eyes clean.

1. Use an eye cream

Eye creams can be expensive but they can help you to de-puff your eyes and keep the skin around your eyes moisturised and soft. If you want a cheap alternative, you can use plain vaseline. Warming up a little bit in your fingers and applying this near your lashes in order to help them grow, it will also help to stop creasing.

2. Don't use wipes

Wipes are notoriously drying and using them drags on your eye area and can cause discomfort. Alternatively you can use a foaming face wash, preferably something oily or creamy.  Any face wash that's good should remove all makeup on your face as to a face wash, makeup is dirt so it should remove all scum and dirt on your face. 

3. Unclog your pores

In your eye, you have two pores. One for tears (tear duct) and one for healthy oils with stop your eyes from drying. If you find that your eyes are noticeably dry and your eyes are tearing up a lot, it's likely that this is due to your oil pore being clogged (most likely by makeup). If you take a cotton pad or flannel and wet it under warm water and then rub it in small circular motions underneath the eye. The heat with open the pore and the water with clean it. If you do this in the shower, for about a week your eyes should start to feel less dry.

4. No screen before bed

Screens are bad for your eyes, and looking at them in the dark when they're bright can really strain your eyes. As well as trying your 'waking up' hormone into thinking it's morning, it can hurt your eyes. Looking at screens first thing in the morning is also not a great wake up call.

5. Wear less makeup

If you don't want your pores to get clogged it's worth not wearing so much makeup. Liner and mascara and kohl pencil in the waterline is a big no no. It's okay occasionally, but full on makeup everyday, it's not the best. Once you've cleaned your eyes, it's worth checking for little black trials in your tear duct, these may come out in your snot, you never know.