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I've not seen much chat about the new Waitrose skincare line 'Pure' recently so I'd let you know my thoughts on some of the products that I've tried out. Waitrose is probably as high end as supermarkets go, and it's known for being middle class, more expensive and a little bit snobby. Therefore I had high hopes for their skincare line.

Cleansing Wash: This comes out in a clear gel consistency and has no scent. This face wash does absolutely nothing at all. It doesn't get rid of dry skin or stop you're skin from getting oily. It doesn't get rid of blackhead or dirt in your skin. It cleans it, probably as well as soap does and that's it. This is on sale for £1.99 here so really it's a good cheap choice and I think it's perfectly fine for the price.

Eye Makeup Remover: This is amazing. Just a pump or two of the milky liquid can remove all your eyeshadows and bases, eyeliners (even gel) as well as layers upon layers of mascara. It comes off so easily just by massaging the remover into your eyes and a trace isn't even left under your eyes or once you shower. This sells for £1.99 here and is an absolute bargain. It lasts quite a while. 

In the range there is also an eye gel, a body butter, a skin tonic, facial wipes, a face polish, a hand cream, a beauty balm, face cream, facial oil and eye makeup remover in a different form. I'm yet to try any of these but I really want to try the face polish and facial oil. Every product is either £1.99 or £2.99 and you can shop it here. This post is not sponsored by the way.

Have you tried anything from this range? What products would you like to try out?

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