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So as you're reading this, I'm currently on my two week holiday in Mallorca so this and the next 4 posts will be scheduled. Apologies if I don't respond to comments straight away but I will try my best!

So in this post where I talk about issues with sponsorships and adverts and Youtubers, I feel as though I didn't make it clear that really I was talking about large Youtubers with millions of subs. 

Instead of being negative I thought I'd share my love for some smaller Youtubers that I really like and that produce some really great content. What constitutes as 'small' is really up to you, but I've gone with no more than 100,000 (which is quite a lot really) and I've got quite a bit of variation but hopefully you'll discover some new channels if you haven't already.

Rachel Colley 13
So Rachel actually commented on my post and invited me to have a look at her channel (which by the way is totally cool, leave me your links if you want). I really liked her Beauty Myth or Magic video, which is sort of like a Hack debunked video but focuses on the kind of hacks you see on pinterest or instagram which seem miraculous. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them. I also love the work theme and at this current time I don't think it could be more useful for young people (trust me, I've applied to over 50 jobs and only had two interviews). 

Colours and Carousels 196
It's a little bit silly but I'm a little bit biased towards people with the same name as me. I originally discovered Charlotte's blog and then followed her on twitter (not sure which way round it was?). She's Scottish (big whoop in my book) and has a mixture of vlogs and sit down videos. She does some tags and typical videos as well some which I personally haven't seen before on Youtube such as '5 Podcasts Worth Listening To'. Always great to see originality because it's common for new Youtubers to copy the more successful ones (I mean I totally see why but you know there's only so many Zoella copycats I can watch).

That's Kate 1072
So since GCSE results day is coming up for me (20th of August urgh), I've been watching a lot of results day videos (this is probably really destructive but I can't stop). Kate's one was particularly sad since she didn't quite get the grades to get into Cambridge. But since then I've been following her channel as she went to Lancaster and so on. 

GeographyNow 70,805
I love channels like WonderWhy, RudtheSpud, CGP Grey, AlternateHistoryHub and Mental Floss. I'm all about those educational videos and GeographyNow turned up on my recommended and I'm so glad it did. Basically,  Paul is doing a video on every country in the world in alphabetical order. So far (at time of writing this) he's up to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was obsessed with those sporcle Geography quizzes so this ideal for me. He covers the meaning of the flag, demographics, physical geography as well as diplomatic relations (and some culture and history and food chucked in there most of the time). Definitely check out this channel if you like videos like that.

CaraZelaya  5842
I think Cara was another Youtuber that turned up in my 'What to Watch' feed and it was particularly her reading of 50 Shades of Grey chapter by chapter. After storming through those videos, I watched a few more of her videos and have learnt a lot about her. In general I really agree with almost everything she says and I wish more Youtubers would speak about the political beliefs and activism because it would be such a great way to spread a message to mostly younger viewers.

Vanessa Neves 982
Vanessa was someone I discovered when I did the Liebster award a while back. I love her videos! They're so much more creative and interesting than the stereotypical 'natural everyday look'. I love watching makeup tutorials that are a bit interesting. I also think she's just so bubbly and lovely to watch.

Honor Danns 552
Originally I think Honor followed me on twitter and then for ages I had no clue she had a Youtube channel. I only recently discovered and watched her videos. She doesn't upload too frequently but when she does I enjoy her videos a lot. I particularly like her rant videos. 

Jake Wright 38,236
Jake is one of my absolute favourite Youtubers. He's a compsci at Cambridge and does weekly vlogs (I think he's officially left now though, although I'm not 100%). I loved his Jailbreak videos with Claudio, I SERIOUSLY want to do that now. I watch every video he uploads (I don't do that with many Youtubers) and I think you should definitely go and have a look.

Sid n Dina 65,859
I would have linked Dina's main channel but it's older and has more subs. Sid and Dina are a couple from Cardiff but are living in Birmingham I believe and they have two adorable cats. Currently I've been loving their Ramadan vlogs and just following their lives. I only recently discovered them so haven't watched as many of their videos as I would've liked yet but give me a couple of days and I'd have watched all the videos on this channel.

Thanks for reading. Which youtubers have you been loving? Link your blog/Youtube channel down below
For those of you celebrating Eid, how was it?