My Jewellery Collection + Storage | CharlotteBehappy

Hey there. Today I thought I'd share with you my bracelets, rings and necklaces and if I can remember, where they're from. Most of this jewellery is quite old, and most gifts, but as far as I know, most isn't expensive. I store all this in a leather box with pink velvet insides that are designed for jewellery. The box is called 'Stackers' and the idea is that you can buy loads and literally stack them.
Nail polish: Moonshine by Topshop.

This is probably my most recent bracelet which I got for my 16th last November  It's from Lola Rose and is a small gold chain with beads of minerals around it. I'm not sure if they're real or what they are exactly but there appears to be Jade and Amethyst. I'm not expert on things like this, so if you have any idea, let me know. This is from Lola Rose.

Here are too rings. One has a milky stone in the middle and other is a bright marine coloured ring from Matalan. 

This ring from Pia says 'believe' on it and is a metal wrap around ring with a gold star that can get largest and smaller by adjusting the rings. 

 Both these pendants came on chains that were a bit too short for me. I don't like necklaces that are too short because it makes me feel like my throat is closing up. I'm not sure where either were from because they were both gifts but the first is a metal leaf and the second a small amethyst flower. 

 This is a green leather bracelet that closes by using a pop button (is that the right word?). It's got little metal bumps on it and like black metal glass. This ones quite chunky and it's from a German sounding brand although I can't quite remember the name. 

This is a large chunky bracelet, made up from oval stones that have been cut to make little hexagon shapes. This is a little too big for my wrist but this is another one I really like and the colour means it goes with everything.

This is a necklace from a Greek market which my friend gave to me. It's just a little dragonfly with blue glass in it. It's so cute, and in summer I often wear blues and greens so this goes well.

 This little heart necklace was given to me from a friend and is from Claire's I think. It's really small but I usually wear it with anything black or white.

 This necklace is from Fat Face and is made up of hearts which looks slightly different colours. I used to always wear this with one cat dress I always used to wear but it's too small. Now I struggle to find something to wear it with. 

You probably noticed I have loose pendants and these I just the chains I use. There's one shorter chain which I don't really use and there's one longer thicker chain which I usually use, from Silver.

 This is a cat carved into a Tiger's Eye stone, one of my favourites, just on a bit of string. This is one of my favourite necklaces and it's really long, almost to my bellybutton. I wear this all the time if I wear a skirt/dress.

This is a celtic pendant which I got from the giftshop of Stirling Castle (I think). I don't wear this too often but it's nice nonetheless.