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If you know me, then it's common knowledge that I'm a devote Elvive Shampoo user. However when it comes to heat protectant, hair masks, dry shampoo, mousses and creams (that that I every really use any of these things) I'm more adventurous with brands. 
I'm usually really good with my hair. I only every dry the roots (although when it's hot I don't do this), and I avoid straightening and curling it at all costs. However my hair is so knotty. It rips and breaks so easily and is definitely a source of annoyance in my day to day life. 

The official info is here

This oil is overpriced, I know, but it's thankfully always on offer. I thought I might as well try this since my dreadlocks (knots near the back of my nest) were causing split ends and damage. This is a sort of dry oil so it doesn't leave your hands feeling too oily but if you do use too much, it's easy to wash off. You can apply this to wet or dry hair and it leaves your hair feel so shiny and smooth. Since it's been humid, I've been adding this to my frizzier hair to ensure it goes straight and smooth again. It has a neutral scent and the oil itself is clear and relatively thin in consistency, hence a pump and not a tub (this makes it very convenient to use, travel friendly and less messy).

In conclusion, this is a nice oil that definitely does what it says on the tin (or glass should I say?). It's definitely worth a try if other hair oils and spray conditioners have failed you (I'm looking at you Aussie). There's a noticeable difference when I use this, and that's what I'm looking for really.

Have you tried this product or any others from this range? What do you think?

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