Bacne #1 | CharlotteBehappy

So I was debating whether or not to make this post but I thought I might as well. 
So since about 2013 I've had acne on my back and chest and it fluctuates constantly. I exfoliated it frequently and I tried an acne spray. It usually got worse during summer when I used suncream and in April I went to see a doctor. I was on lymecycline for two months (an antibiotic) and it didn't do anything at all.

I went back and I'm back on lymecycline for another two months and I'm using a clindamycin and anhydrous benzoyl peroxide gel in the evening for a month. This gel contains antibiotics I believe. So far I've been using the gel for two weeks and my skins become a little dry and tight, and once is starts peeling I think I'm supposed to stop using it for a bit and moisturise. I'll update you a bit more later on after my holiday (when suncream will be used a lot) to see if it made a difference.