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Brows are great! They're often one of the best parts about doing your makeup. They can make you feel fierce and frame your face. This post should explain the details of the three main ways of eyebrow grooming: threading, plucking and waxing. As someone who's experienced(-ish) with all three I feel slightly qualified to tell you the how, what, & costs of the three. 


The easiest and most common way of maintaining the brows. All you need is a pair of tweezers which aren't usually too expensive. You can do this in the comfort of your own home and don't need any products, just a steady hand. It is time consuming as you have to pluck each individual hair. Mostly on top of the brow and in the middle of your brows is pretty pain free but anywhere underneath and on the brow bone, is pretty painful. Hairs don't stay gone for too long but with one little pluck it's gone again. It's pretty hard to shape your brows by plucking and you're need to be very careful as it's very common for people to overpluck their brows. In between waxes and threads it's a cheap way to keep your brows presentable. It's also the most common way to get ingrown hairs. As well as this, it doesn't give a clean shape like the other methods do.


I payed £3.50 for my eyebrow waxing but it does vary from place to place. They put hot wax around the brows and use a wax strip (like for any other part of your body but smaller), to remove the wax. It's quick and does sting a little but doesn't leave your skin too red (if you're a paler girl). It's not too precise but is good for tidying up and shaping and it takes a lot off at once. If you've never fiddled with your brows before, I'd recommend this first simply because it's not too painful but will give you great brows. One problem I find is that unless I run home and scrub my face (which I don't), any wax residue can leave you with small spots around your brows. If you already have acne around your brows, then this is not for you as it'll be quite painful.


This was originally from Eastern cultures but is now popular over in the West. It's literally a piece of thread, moved against your skin to remove hairs. This is what I currently do. I pay £3 for this and it doesn't involve any products (apart from a little aloe), so no spots there. It does leave my skin red so this probably isn't one for sensitive skin. It's fairly painful but removes hair precisely and a lot at once. It also lasts the longest out of the three but when the hairs start to grow back, they all come at once, so I just pluck them away. You do have to hold your face slightly for the threading lady but it's still great. It's good for thinner and thicker brows. I'd recommend this for real brow fanatics. I wouldn't recommend going to brow bars because the prices are extortianite and just rip you off. I would look a small beauty places, the kind of places you'd get a bikini wax, as most of them now do threading. Even better if you go to place where the threaders are Indian as they'll probably know the best about it. Usually they trim my brows too and £3 is really affordable, as I only get mine done every 3 weeks. Threading and waxing requires your brows to grow out a bit so you might have a week with crazy eyebrows whereas plucking will just 

So, as you may realise, there are pros and cons to all three but it's about what works best for you. If naturally you have great brows, go to plucking. A bit bushier, waxing. In between, thick or sparse, threading (if you can bare the pain!). Well, good luck on your eyebrow endeavors!

Pads Vs. Tampons | CharlotteBehappy

I've always been someone who's never been embarrassed about periods. I went to an all girls school and periods was a sort of common ground which everyone could relate to. Pupils have nearly always talked about it frankly, even sometimes with teachers. This kind of chat about periods also really raises awareness about how different everyone is.

So before I start, this sort of 'battle' has been comprised of my own experiences and I completely acknowledge that everyone has their own preferences, beliefs (religious or otherwise) and experiences as well as their own unique bodies. Pads and tampons are the most common sanitary product and there are other things to use such as menstrual cups but since I've never used them I can't really say much about them. I'm also not a sexual education expert so I'm really not the right person to tell you how and why tampons don't break your virginity but here are some channels you can look at to answer some questions (hopefully): SexPlanations, LaciGreen and this Emma Blackery video.

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Spreading the Youtubing Love | CharlotteBehappy

So as you're reading this, I'm currently on my two week holiday in Mallorca so this and the next 4 posts will be scheduled. Apologies if I don't respond to comments straight away but I will try my best!

So in this post where I talk about issues with sponsorships and adverts and Youtubers, I feel as though I didn't make it clear that really I was talking about large Youtubers with millions of subs. 

Instead of being negative I thought I'd share my love for some smaller Youtubers that I really like and that produce some really great content. What constitutes as 'small' is really up to you, but I've gone with no more than 100,000 (which is quite a lot really) and I've got quite a bit of variation but hopefully you'll discover some new channels if you haven't already.

Bacne #1 | CharlotteBehappy

So I was debating whether or not to make this post but I thought I might as well. 
So since about 2013 I've had acne on my back and chest and it fluctuates constantly. I exfoliated it frequently and I tried an acne spray. It usually got worse during summer when I used suncream and in April I went to see a doctor. I was on lymecycline for two months (an antibiotic) and it didn't do anything at all.

I went back and I'm back on lymecycline for another two months and I'm using a clindamycin and anhydrous benzoyl peroxide gel in the evening for a month. This gel contains antibiotics I believe. So far I've been using the gel for two weeks and my skins become a little dry and tight, and once is starts peeling I think I'm supposed to stop using it for a bit and moisturise. I'll update you a bit more later on after my holiday (when suncream will be used a lot) to see if it made a difference.

My Jewellery Collection + Storage | CharlotteBehappy

Hey there. Today I thought I'd share with you my bracelets, rings and necklaces and if I can remember, where they're from. Most of this jewellery is quite old, and most gifts, but as far as I know, most isn't expensive. I store all this in a leather box with pink velvet insides that are designed for jewellery. The box is called 'Stackers' and the idea is that you can buy loads and literally stack them.
Nail polish: Moonshine by Topshop.

This is probably my most recent bracelet which I got for my 16th last November  It's from Lola Rose and is a small gold chain with beads of minerals around it. I'm not sure if they're real or what they are exactly but there appears to be Jade and Amethyst. I'm not expert on things like this, so if you have any idea, let me know. This is from Lola Rose.

Here are too rings. One has a milky stone in the middle and other is a bright marine coloured ring from Matalan. 

This ring from Pia says 'believe' on it and is a metal wrap around ring with a gold star that can get largest and smaller by adjusting the rings. 

Waitrose Pure Skincare | CharlotteBehappy

I've not seen much chat about the new Waitrose skincare line 'Pure' recently so I'd let you know my thoughts on some of the products that I've tried out. Waitrose is probably as high end as supermarkets go, and it's known for being middle class, more expensive and a little bit snobby. Therefore I had high hopes for their skincare line.

Cleansing Wash: This comes out in a clear gel consistency and has no scent. This face wash does absolutely nothing at all. It doesn't get rid of dry skin or stop you're skin from getting oily. It doesn't get rid of blackhead or dirt in your skin. It cleans it, probably as well as soap does and that's it. This is on sale for £1.99 here so really it's a good cheap choice and I think it's perfectly fine for the price.

Eye Makeup Remover: This is amazing. Just a pump or two of the milky liquid can remove all your eyeshadows and bases, eyeliners (even gel) as well as layers upon layers of mascara. It comes off so easily just by massaging the remover into your eyes and a trace isn't even left under your eyes or once you shower. This sells for £1.99 here and is an absolute bargain. It lasts quite a while. 

In the range there is also an eye gel, a body butter, a skin tonic, facial wipes, a face polish, a hand cream, a beauty balm, face cream, facial oil and eye makeup remover in a different form. I'm yet to try any of these but I really want to try the face polish and facial oil. Every product is either £1.99 or £2.99 and you can shop it here. This post is not sponsored by the way.

Have you tried anything from this range? What products would you like to try out?

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Miracle Haircare: L'oreal Elvive Extrodinaire Oil | CharlotteBehappy

If you know me, then it's common knowledge that I'm a devote Elvive Shampoo user. However when it comes to heat protectant, hair masks, dry shampoo, mousses and creams (that that I every really use any of these things) I'm more adventurous with brands. 
I'm usually really good with my hair. I only every dry the roots (although when it's hot I don't do this), and I avoid straightening and curling it at all costs. However my hair is so knotty. It rips and breaks so easily and is definitely a source of annoyance in my day to day life. 

The official info is here