Why I've become disillusioned with Youtubers | CharlotteBehappy

Warning: Rant about youtube, some brands, and some strong language, although no names named in a negative light. 

So this is a post I've been meaning to write a for a long long while.

I first discovered Youtube in about 2012. I believe the first video I ever watched was this and it led me on to the likes of Joey, Ingrid and Luke, and from there Dan, Phil, Charlie, Alex, Chris and PJ, Fleur, Tanya, Jim and eventually Zoe (I think I was subbed before 400,000 and at the time, that was pretty huge) and Alfie. When I was about 13 years old I was completely and utterly obsessed with Youtube. It was about a year later when I started my blog. 

Recently I've become completely bored with Youtube and I rarely watch beauty youtubers anymore. I don't know whether it's because I've changed or because Youtube has changed. I may just have been naive but I started watching Youtube, there was rarely a sponsored video to be seen. I have no problem with the occasional sponsored video, and by occasional (which many youtubers claim they only do) I mean no more than roughly 10 a year, and that just depends on how often you upload. However, literally every other video in my feed is sponsored, or the products were gifted. It's ridiculous. Especially considering the young majority audience of many gurus cannot afford Charlotte Tilbury or Mac or even fucking £10 drugstore foundations (like seriously L'oreal). 

I wouldn't say I'm anti-capitilist pro-communist Charlotte but I do just feel like a dumb consumer, as though Youtube's now a big massive advertising market where massive corporations go because it's cheaper to sponsor a Youtuber than pay for a 2 minute advert on TV. Youtubers are no longer sharing great, cheap (arguable) products but they're trying to sell me expensive phones or facial treatments or skincare, beauty or otherwise. One thing Youtubers often say is 'I only talk about brands I love!'. Okay fab, but those are just words. How do I know that? It sure as hell doesn't seem like it. I didn't know you loved Michael Todd. You literally talked about it once and have never used a product since now you have to pay for it (throwing major shade warning). It feels as though I just can't trust reviews anymore and I being lied to my face, literally.

I've been approached once to do a post about sunglasses, and although the PR lady never got back in touch with me, it was my first real insight into what really goes on. There were certain 'keywords' which I was supposed to include in my review but other than that what I said about the sunglasses was up to me. The keywords consisted of things like 'cheap' and 'good quality'. Although I could be honest with what I though, I still had to include the words. I had no idea of this! If I had hated the sunglasses and then included those words then it would have been a contradictory message, hence why it might be easier to just go along with it, especially if you want good relations with the brand so they'll send you even more free things. Even when I reviewed EP's, I felt as though I couldn't be 100% honest. I'd spoken to some of the people whose work I was listening to, and in a similar way to how you may tell a white lie to a friend, I was scared of upsetting people so I sugar-coated my reviews, or set them to a different standard that I would review other albums to. 

 I feel as though through reviews, I'm being lied to. When I read tweets and  posts about brand sponsorships, it seems as though bloggers are competing for attention from corporations, not for readers. I get that people have to make money, I get it. But where do you draw the line really? Youtubers (and bloggers) have the opportunity to make heaps of money, but in my mind, it seems as though they have to do this by being unethical. 

Another reason that Youtube is not really tickling my fancy is because I feel like it's all a bit superficial. I love makeup and beauty and I enjoy applying it and buying new things (at the mercy of my wallet) and seeing what's out there. But that's it really. It's just something I like, but essentially, it's not my life. I can write detailed posts about a foundation but struggle to find words to say about an album I've loved. Sometimes I feel like it's all so shallow really. I mean what is makeup to me? I get frustrated at myself, and some people on Youtube because with a lot of gurus, I feel as though there's nothing there? I used to obsess and fangirl over some Youtubers but I really can't see the appeal anymore. Maybe they're just portraying and element of themselves on camera, and not their full personality. But why? For sponsors? I just can't sit through a 20 minute video on monthly favourites without finding myself sighing and muttering 'I don't fucking care' at about the 7 minute mark. 

In conclusion, I'm not really sure what I feel, or why I feel it but that doesn't make my feelings any less relevant. Of course, I've not focused on any of the positives at all, maybe I'll save 'Why I (used to) love Youtube' for another day. I think a lot of it is that I've just grown up. I'm 16 so maybe I've just not the target audience anymore but hey ho. 

I'd love to here your thoughts. Do you agree/disagree? What are some Youtubers that you feel like are sincere? 

Until later x