Empties #8 (+ I'm back) | CharlotteBehappy

Hello everyone, it's good to be back.
So my exams are over and I've officially left school for good. As well as this, I've got an extra long holiday and this hopefully means I'll be able to upload every Wednesday and Sunday. I considered going back to my old schedule of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but for now, I'll stick to two uploads a week. I've got a lot of posts planned and ready, but as always let me know what you'd specifically like to see. If you want to contact me to talk to me about my blog, or to possibly to a collab/guest post, just email me here: charlottebehappy@yahoo.co.uk

Okay, let's get ready to rumble. I thought I'd return with a super long Empties post. This is definitely the largest one I've done, so enjoy!
Okay, so first up is this Imperial Leather body wash. This isn't a particularly floral smell but the scent is pretty neutral and clean. I wouldn't say it smells of literal raspberries but it feels pretty luxurious. It's not overly moisturising but it does a pretty decent job. Pick if up here

I originally reviewed this Argan Oil body butter here. It's moisturising and thick but I'm not too keen on the scent, and the scent really clings. It's overpriced, that's for sure, but compared to some slightly cheaper creams and lotions, this does stand out from the crowd. However, it's also good to keep in mind if you do buy it (here) that it's butter texture makes it super thick. This means you don't have to moisturise everyday, but if you do, your skin can feel coated and almost a bit heavy

These are sample version, and they works similarly to the body butter I mentioned above. The only difference is that these smell like mango and the she one is plain . It's great if you love fruity smells, or cocoa butter type smells but like the one above, this isn't a particularly light smell. 

I bought this in a deal from Superdrug and I was so excited. Firstly, it smells like nectarines, it's so nice. But apart from that it's nothing special. It cleans your face but it won't clear up oily or dry skin or get rid of spots. It's runny so gets used up quickly and there's some exfoliating beads. It's not soapy but does leave your skin feeling a little tight. On the plus side, I love the packaging. 

This shower gel is not really different from the other one. The reason there's only two shower gels in this empties is not because I don't wash, but because I've literally just bought this one over and over again. It's easy to go through these quickly, mostly because they're watery. It's floral but not too strong and old-lady-ish. 

I've had this for yolks now and it's just not that great. It smells very Christmassy, not a scent that I'm usually that keen on. This is really thick and doesn't absorb into the skin well at all, it just leaves streaks everywhere. 

This is a pretty crappy face wash. It's a clear gel consistency and it does absolutely nothing at all. However, I should have a review up of the eye makeup remover from this same range which is *spoiler* bloody amazing.

Pretty sure I've talked about this before but this is bog standard. As far as drugstore day creams go, this is okay. It does it's job but it won't make a massive improvement to your skin. They also put a large plastic bit at the bottom so the tub looks like it holds a deceivingly larger amount of day cream.

Another face wash that just ain't that great. There's a lot of these. This is a thick gel wash and it's really not too fab. It doesn't make you look younger, it doesn't improve your skin, and it does nothing at all. 

Yet another product that does nada. I love the concept behind this and I usually have acne on my back and chest (I was on antibiotics but they didn't work) and it's especially worse in summer when I'm using suncream. I used this before, after and throughout my holiday and this made no difference. It doesn't make it better or worse, it was all the same. Let me know if you know of any other similar products that do the same job. I'd love to try them out. 

I'm still no 100% sure how I feel about shaving gel. I'm not convinced that it makes your shave better or your legs smoother but I do find it easy to tell if you've missed a bit. This was the first shave gel I used so I don't know how it fairs compared to others. 

Both of these hand creams from the body shop are similar except the scent. The absinthe one has a really strong scent whereas the mango one is a little lighter. I feel like they both lack moisture, but if you don't want a hand cream that will take ages to sink in or dries quickly, this is probably for you. These are really light hand creams but for me personally, they're not quite rich enough. I'm not too bothered if a hand cream takes a while to sink in. 

This is one of those products I really liked the first time I used it but the second time round it was nothing special. It does it's job, like the simple one, and it's not really very different at all. 

I've had this mascara for years and it's pretty good. Miss Sporty mascaras are so underrated. They're so cheap and pretty decent. If you want to try a new mascara, pick up one of these for sure. 

I know not everyone loves this but this reminds me of Christmas. Love this so much. I usually only get a mini one but next year I'll have to get a big one. 

As a weekly scrub this does a great job. It's really harsh so you couldn't use it daily but I would put an oil or a face mask on a scrub it off with this. My skin would be so smooth and all the bumps would be gone. 

I've not used this on my hair, but a two in one is great for makeup brushes. They smell great, and they end up soft. Defintiely a more interesting way to wash brushes. 

Both of these deodorants are fine but are nothing special at all. My main problem is that after a while, when I smell the cotton fragrance of these deodorants on me, I just associate the scent with sweat so I can't use a deodorant like this for too long. The one I'm currently using doesn't have a scent so it should be fine. 

I loved this foundation. The concept of a mousse is kind of gross, I get it, but this is so good. It matched me well, it lasted a long time, it left a matte finish but didn't dry out your skin or make it seem dull. It's not too expensive and I'd 100% recommend this. 

I think as a first powder this is pretty good. It mattifies but apart from that, it's not great. If you used a brush that had foundation on it, it makes a layer or hard dried up foundation. It cakes up a little bit and it doesn't last too long.

Love this concealer. It's very similar to maybelline age rewind.  It gives good coverage of redness. It doesn't last too long and the tube isn't the most convenient. It's also not the cheapest but all in all this is a pretty good concealer. One downside is that is does really cling to dry patches. 

I used to own this a while back and I thought it was pretty good. But I think they made the lightest shade darker because this was pretty orange on me. It also creased really badly and  just was nowhere near as good as I remembered. 

My beloved carmex. There's no lip balm as good as this. 

This is a sample of a Superdry mascara. It was nothing special at all, but the little brush was useful for bottom lashes.

I bought this lip balm from Swanage about a year ago now. This was made from all natural ingredients, or at least that's what the market stall seller told me. This was great if you scrubbed your lips as the oil helped to soothe them after getting the dead skin off.

This lip liner from No.7 was pretty good. It lasted ages and was great for any nude lipstick I used. It wasn't drying, it was creamy, and it was retractable so I didn't have to sharpen it. Pretty good as far as lip liners I've tried goes. 

I had this brow gel for about 2 or 3 years. It was pretty decent but I realised that there was no way I could continue using it now. 

This concealer is okay, again it's nothing special. It just about covers under eyes but it does't last a really long time. It's cheap and is a decent budget buy. It doesn't cake much at all, but again, I don't think it's anything to sing and dance about. 

I loved this mascara. I would always put it last on top of something else and and it would just times it by ten in terms of volume and length. It's a little clumpy and the wand it massive so I nearly always got mascara everywhere. But it's really inexpensive and makes such a difference.

Now this is my favourite mascara. This is just a sample, so obviously I've not had the chance to use the full size but it's pretty good. It does make your lashes super long and if it wasn't so expensive, I'd definitely get a full size, but sadly, I can't really afford £20 mascara at this point in time.