Leavers' Tea (Prom) 2015 - The Story | CharlotteBehappy

If you didn't already know, I go to an all girls school so 'leavers' tea' is our version of prom more or less. In this post I thought I'd briefly outline the events and include links and information and in my next post (uploading on Wednesday) I'd share photos/videos from the events (of which there are more than 100. For some of you this may not be very interesting but like my Duke of Edinburgh and my Swanage post, this is just a way of documenting some key parts of my life.

Okay. So, I get up at the crack of done (well 7:30) and washed and straightened my hair, did my makeup, packed my bag, even put on some fake nails which later fell
off. A friend arrived at my house and we walked towards the school all dressed up. I had some high heels from Matalan and a dress from Morgan. We weren't late but almost everyone else was already there. As well as that, most of the school were in lessons.

We were given drinks and we all stood around the dining hall waiting for everyone and we took selfies and talked to everyone. However the bell went for break and the lower school all ran up to the windows and stared in at us like zoo animals. It was probably one of the most embarrassing and humiliating things but it could be worse.

We then went into the main hall and it was decorated beautifully. There were candles in the centre of round tables and cute napkins and even cupcakes for everyone. At the back of the hall was a big board which can envelopes pinned to it, each with a name on it. Inside was keyring in the shape of a diamond (my head of year's called Ms Diamond). 

The head teacher then did a talk about our year and thanked school council (which I am a part of). Me and a friend then went up to the stage to give some flowers to our head of year.

A girl called Evie then did an amazing song. It was so hilarious and that's when it all started getting so emotional. She'd written most of it herself and the lyrics were genius.

The speeches to and from form tutors began which included one teacher saying the register, and one singing 'goodbye farewell'. Different people from each forms made speeches thanking the form tutors. Then another girl called Salima sang for us but since it was her birthday we all sang happy birthday for her first.

Our head of year made a speech and started crying on stage. She'd put together all these folders with stuff from over the year. There were pictures of us from year 7 to year 11 and things like school council posters. As well as that there were envelopes which we'd made in year 7. Inside I'd written things like my favourite song and teacher at the time and what I thought I'd be like at the time. There were also pictures of old friends and of Taylor Lautner.

The lower school and cleared out and we went into the dining hall and mainly took loads of selfies. I mean loads. We also had a buffet which for me consisted of spring rolls and samosas. 

It was then finally time to go on the coach. The journey was only about an hour and then we were in tower hill. However the boat wasn't there yet... and it started to rain. We all stood under a balcony outside a Pret a Manger tried to stay positive. Most people were bare foot at this point and most just continued to take selfies. It was VE day so the were shooting from Towerhill and there was a 2 minutes silence. Some random old men started taking photos of us, very questionable.

We then got on the boat. It had three floors. The first was just round tables and booths and the second had a dance floor. The top had nice seats and looked like a smoking area. There was a DJ and we literally spent four hours 'dancing' (if you can really call it that). It was great and almost everyone joined in. Even the teachers. There were more selfies (of course) with teachers and students.

It was about six o'clock when we got the coach back (although some stayed in London). It's the first time my school's ever gone on a boat and I think they'll definitely be doing that next time. I was dreading it so much, and most people probably weren't looking forward to it but it was so much better than expected.

Look out for my next post to see some pictures.