Leavers' Tea (Prom) 2015 - The Pictures | CharlotteBehappy

If you didn't read my last post (you really should read it), I basically explained what happened at my prom. This is a post purely dedicated to some of the photos I took. Enjoy!

The Primark nails which would not stay on.

When we first arrived.

Leavers' Tea (Prom) 2015 - The Story | CharlotteBehappy

If you didn't already know, I go to an all girls school so 'leavers' tea' is our version of prom more or less. In this post I thought I'd briefly outline the events and include links and information and in my next post (uploading on Wednesday) I'd share photos/videos from the events (of which there are more than 100. For some of you this may not be very interesting but like my Duke of Edinburgh and my Swanage post, this is just a way of documenting some key parts of my life.

Okay. So, I get up at the crack of done (well 7:30) and washed and straightened my hair, did my makeup, packed my bag, even put on some fake nails which later fell