Nail Varnish Bargains | CharlotteBehappy

So at my school, you get given postcards for like good reports and good attendance and if you save up 10 you get a £5 love2shop voucher. Fortunately for me, I'd managed to save up 20 so I had £10 worth. You can spend these in lots of shops but I decided to trek to TK Maxx. 

I'm not usually a massive fan of the clothes at TK Maxx but I love the nail polishes. They're usually from expensive brands but with loads of money off. However, these are from the clearance section so is even cheaper. The clearance section usually means something is 'wrong' with them but these seems decent. 

Left to right
Ciaté polishes - Showgirl (a red glittery nail polish that looks very christmas) £3.00, Regatta (a navy glittery blue colour) £3.00, Headliner (a teal colour with no sparkle, similar to Barry M gelly polish in Guava)
Nails Inc. - Dover St Market (a deep purple colour) £1.00

Yes, I really bought a Nails Inc. polish for £1.00 and three Ciaté polishes for £9.00. TK Maxx is heaven. I don't think you could even get four polishes at Superdrug for £10.00.
So far the Ciaté polishes are pretty decent. They're not phenomenal but are pretty nice. I haven't been able to open Regatta, it's literally stuck shut. That's probably why it was in the clearance but I'm determined to open it!
The Nails Inc. polish is beautifully pigmented and is so thick but isn't sticky or gloopy.

So in conclusion, TK Maxx is amazing. I love it. Stick around for a skincare/beauty haul and review coming up later.