Beauty Haul + Review (+ a little update) | CharlotteBehappy

First of all, I'm really sorry for missing Wednesday's post. I thought I'd kicked the habit of missing posts but it turns out, not quite yet. Sadly (well I think this is sad) I'm probably going to miss a lot of posts and I'm debating whether or not to go on a mini hiatus or to just post whenever I can. But basically, in three weeks I have two weeks of exams, a week off, and then two weeks of exams, and them I'm going away for another week and then I have 'taster days' at schools/colleges I'm considering going to. So as you can see, I'm pretty busy but I feel bad for literally not blogging until july and I really don't want to do that. So I guess I'm just going to try to upload when I can (apologies if it's a bit patchy). But yes, just a fair warning that this blog might be a bit 'here-and-there' for a while. 

Anyway, on with the post! Soooooo, for my the holidays = spending and I have no idea why I decide to do this every time I get a break but I do. So, I had a £5 Love2Shop voucher which I spent on some skincare and then I went to Oxford Street and splashed out a little. 

Both of these were half price in super drug for about £2.25. The night cream is thick and luxurious and really makes your skin feel plump and moisturised. The face wash smells of nectarines but isn't anything special in my books. It's just the same as pretty much anything I else I've tried.

I needed a new BB cream (£10) since mine ran out a good few months ago. This one gives pretty good coverages but as expected it's pretty shiny. The colour's a little orange and it's surprisingly thick but it blends well. The colour tattoo (£5) is of course really nice. This one's a nice matte brown so goes under almost every eyeshadow look (that I wear at least). Not sure about the leather effect but it helps eyeshadows to stay on for a long time.

I went to kiko for the first time and it was absolutely packed. However, there was an amazing sale on. I had to pick up a lip pencil because they were only £1.90 and they're just as good as a No.7 or Barry M lip pencil which are slightly more pricy. The lipstick was also on sale for £3.50 and it's like a slightly more pigmented Mac glaze lipstick. It's thick but with a balmy consistency.