5 Makeup Things They Never Tell You | CharlotteBehappy

So, this post is basically designed for people who are new to makeup and this list sort of compiles 5 things that I wish I knew before I first started wearing makeup. Some of these may seem obvious but they're just super important (imo).

1. Foundation gets everywhere
Please take this literally. Foundation does not just stick on your face  one you put it on and stay there. It will get on your phone when you make phone calls, it will get on your pillows and clothes, on your hands and sleeves and collars. It doesn't matter how well you set it, if you rest your head on your hand, you will get foundation on it.

2. Mascara runs everywhere
Alright so this one may apply only to me. When I was younger, the only time I'd see mascara run would be in dramatic films when there would be a crying girl will black running down her face. Well apparently mascara doesn't just run when you cry it, but if my eyes water even for two seconds, I will have black splodges under my eyes which are impossible to get off without covering it with concealer or taking it all off.

3. Wash your brushes
Okay so when I first started out I never washed my brushes. However, it is essential. Some people do it mostly for hygienic reasons (not me though ha), but it's really important because your makeup is just never the same or as good as it could be when their not clean.

4. Eyebrow pencils aren't great
I think we all started off with a crazy, thick cheap pencil but for most beginners, it's not the way to go. If you're interested in doing your eyebrows but you're not too advanced with makeup stay far far away from cheap eyebrow pencils. They just do you no favours.

5. Expensive does not equal better
I learnt this the hard way. Really make sure you research your investments (and make sure your reviews are not sponsored! - something that's hard to come by these days). Just because something is pricey and has the Chanel logo, does not mean it's good. Drugstore makeup is just as good if not better in some circumstances. Basically what I'm saying is that you don't need to spend £30 on a lip balm when carmex is £1.50 in Primark.