Snip Snip Haircut... | CharlotteBehappy

So for a good year I've very long hair almost long enough for me to sit on. If you've had long hair you know why it's annoying: it's very messy and you literally have to rip it apart; it's impossible to tie up because it's so heavy (especially on the roots); it's hard to style because it takes so long; it gets in the way ALL THE TIME, and it gets all thin and damaged towards the ends.
So, I'd had enough! I'd grown to resent my hair and the only thing I liked was how naturally it was quite light at the ends. It just wasn't worth it for me any more. I booked an appointment at a hairdresser's called Biyoni
I'm not sure exactly how much I cut off but a good 6 inches. I didn't donate because it wasn't long enough and it was pretty damaged and rough. 
Now I feel so much better! It's bouncier and less flat because it's not so heavy (originally it was quite thick and really weighed down my face). It looks nicer tied up and only takes 10 minutes to dry lightly. It's healthy and strong and shiny. I love it! 

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