The Body Shop Argan Oil Range | CharlotteBehappy

When this range came out, I was extremely excited but I've had quite mixed results with the products. Buy these here.

Argan Oil Body Butter // £13.00 -This is super moisturising and conditioning on the skin. It leave the skin feeling soft for a maximum of three days without applying. It smells fairly neutral and definitely isn't the nicest scent. It feel luxurious but doesn't leave your skin oily or sticky.

Argan Oil Body Scrub // £13.00 - This is really messy and isn't a solid scrub. With this scrub, a lot goes a long way so you definitely need to be quite careful with this. However, it's super abrasive and exfoliates really well without leaving an oily residue on the skin. This certainly doesn't need a moisturises with it, but it does help.

Argan Oil Solid Lip Balm // £4.00 - I was really excited for this but it definitely let me down. After exfoliating my lips, I would slap this on at night for an intense treatment. However, it does no better than vaseline would. It's super moisturising but as a night treatment, it doesn't do a whole lot. Because it's a solid oil, it's not easy to get out during the day so it more of a home balm.