Superdry Makeup | CharlotteBehappy

For Christmas, I received this kit with contains 4 eyeshdaows, a cream blush, lipgloss and mascara. Since Superdry is quite an expensive brand, I was excited to see if this would live up to the brand. 

Starting in the top left, going clockwise: Somber Grey, Buckskin, Pink Champagne, Asphalt.
Eyeshadow swatches. Cream blush: Coral Reef
Jet Black Volumising Mascara
Greta Pink LipGlaze

Eyeshadows: The colours are fairly pretty but not original at all. They're cool toned and wouldn't really go very well together. However, they're the least pigmented eyeshadows I've ever used. They're chalky and are extremely faint and glittery. They're almost impossible to use.

Cream Blush: This is quite pretty and is usable, you should need a heavy swatch. It's a rose gold cream blush and is a bit blend able and super glittery.

Mascara: Perfect size for the bottom lashes. It's decent but not amazing. It really lengthens bottom lashes but the brush is too small to have the right effect on the top lashes. 

Lip gloss: This is really nice. It's very opaque and smells like caramel. It isn't sticky and lasts a long time on the lips. The only problem is that if you have dry lips, it will cause them to peel and looks really unattractive.