Empties #7 | CharlotteBehappy

Hello, this is my 7th Empties post now and you can see my previous 6 here
When I finish a beauty product, I store it for these kinds of posts where I basically give a mini-review of the product now that I've finished it and know exactly what it's like from start to finish. 
Recently, I had a real sort through of all my makeup and skincare and I've gotten rid of all the stuff I don't use, or is old and that I can't giveaway to anyone. That's why there's some products like that in here. 

This is a Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple. As you can see, this is destroyed. I think I wound it up too far so it just snapped off and it's been such a mess ever since. These are basically super moisturising thick, pigmented lipsticks that aren't sticky like lip glosses and are a little sheer. This was a staple colour for me as it was an easy red to wear. These are really moisturising but obviously easy to destroy. 

This is an old Max Factor lipstick in Cinder. It's literally a gold lipstick. It's like an extremely shimmery nude. I just simply didn't wear it because it's too metallic to be a decent lip colour. It was moisturising but a bit chunky.

The Simple Day Cream was a pretty average face cream. It moisturised but didn't make me too early and it was pretty decent. I wouldn't say it's amazing, but for the price, it does a good job.

This Garnier day cream but I felt like this made my skin 1) really cold 2) really tight. It didn't add the same moisture as the Simple cream and was pretty decent.

This 17 kohl pencil was almost too pigmented and soft and smudged a hell of a lot. It was really hard to get sharp lines but it was nice for smokier, thicker lines and added really well to eyeshadow.

This was a pretty disappointing Body Shop Shea Butter scrub. It doesn't smell like shower gel, and it is really not very abrasive. It's quite a chunky scrub and is extremely oily. It doesn't exfoliate your skin as much as it moisturises it. 

This is the Natural Collection Powder in Cool and for only £1.99 it was pretty decent. It mattified and it didn't make you oily or powdery. 

I had a pretty love/hate relationship with this L'oréal foundation. It offered light, matte coverage but throughout the day, it made me REALLY oily. It had a satin, smooth finish as well as SPF. However, it was easy to look cakey and orange (this was the lightest shade), as well making the hairs on my face stand out. It was nice, but definitely not impressive or worth the price tag. 

This 17 concealer in Extra light is pretty mediocre. It covers a little bit but I mostly used this for eye lighting and it was only okay for that. It stays pretty well but I didn't wear it for 18 hours. It definitely isn't flawless but it blends easily.

I'm not really into primers but this Tea Tree Pore Minimiser was a nice way to put a barrier between skin and foundation. It makes the skin feel tight and matte and flawless but visually, it looks no different. It lasted quite a long time and smelt nice. Tea tree is a natural acne treatment so this may help acne prone skin.

This Mango Shower Gel was fresh and light and smelt fruity and awakening. It did a decent job and cleaned me as far as I'm concerned. It's a little drying and isn't creamy or moisturising but I prefer shower gels to be actually gel like rather than creams.

This Shea Shower Cream smelt so nice, like danish pastries and cake (unlike the scrub) but creams aren't really my thing. I think they clog up my pores a little bit on my chest and back so I prefer gel consistencies. However, if you're looking for something more nourishing and moisturising, then this might be for you.

I love Miss Sporty Nail Polishes because of their fat brushes and opaque consistencies. They're definitely underrated and they're so cheap as well! This is a metallic purple colour which is super pretty but is really old and has gone all gloopy. 

This is a very old orange-gold Claire's nail polish that wasn't chunky but looked super glittery. These are actually pretty nice for Claire's but they have no name and this is pretty old so I don't think they sell this anymore. 

This Sure deodorant is pretty bog standard. I don't think it gave me BO and it wasn't expensive at all. There's not a whole lot to say really. 

The Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner isn't great. It dried out really quickly and because it's so small, it's impossible to put on top of eyeshdaow. It just goes grey and glittery.

If you're not a fan of traditional lip liners, this Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Pen might suit you. It's literally like a pen and stains your lips but doesn't cake them up or dry them out. 

The L'oreal Volume Million lashes in waterproof is probably one of the worst mascaras I've ever used. It did nothing to my lashes and because it's waterproofing, instead of running and smudging, it flaked off and by the end of the day, there was nothing left. The brush was too small and it was plasticky and tacky and awful.

Now this was a pretty bad face wash by Witch. It was a gel with tiny beads in it but it just felt like you were rubbing gel on your face which felt pretty drying and it made your skin feel tight but not even clean. Do not buy this.

This is like my ultimate love. This Tresemmé heat protection spray makes your hair so soft. It's not great for stopping damage but it spreads evenly and makes your hair look shiny and strong. Love this, and it's always on offer.

I quite like the smell One Direction perfume and this is the matching lotion. It's fairly moisturising and isn't actually as cheap as I expected. It's nothing to sing about though.

Love this tea tree and witch hazel scrub and I've repurchased it but no scrub is ever as good the second time round. It's a clay formula with a few beads in so it's great for combination skin. The clay is great for balancing oils and the beads exfoliate dry patches. It's amazing.

Miss Sporty mascaras are really underrated. This does what is says on the tube and lengthens lashes. However, this has really dried out and is past it's due date. It has a bristly brush and a thick formula.

The first time I used Maybelline Big Lash, I was blown away. However, it never turned out to be as good. The bottom lash mascara was no better than any other mascara and the one for the upper lash was nothing special either.

This L'oreal spray apparently strengthens your hair and stops it from falling out. It does nothing and smells pretty funky.

I bought this Pantene Moisture Soufflé accidentally. It just makes your hair really sticky and crunchy in some parts. It makes it a little shiny but apart from that, it's a bit of a faff. 

Everyone loves a bit of Soap & Glory and this was a pretty nice body wash and it has their refreshing lime crush sent. It smells great and this massive bottle lasts you ages. However, after leaving this in my shower for a bit, it because really watered down and it was like washing yourself with something with the consistency of water so it was super hard to use. 

This is a pretty good Nivea moisturiser and lasts about two days. It doesn't smell of anything and the bottle lasted ages. Pretty decent.

This was a nice refreshing Nivea shower gel that smelt neutral but nice. However, this really didn't last long at all, literally about 2 weeks.