The Love/Hate Tag | CharlotteBehappy

I was tagged here, that you so much Dena-Jayne, sorry it took me so long to get round to it!
The purpose of this tag is to list 10 things you love, and 10 things you hate! Simple as really. 

Image from here.

1. TV - I've never been a massive film person for some reason, I just can't commit to 90 minutes in most cases. But I'm a massive lover of the telly. Whether it's some trash on ITV Be or E!, or whether it's a critically acclaimed drama on Netflix, I love TV. I'd say some of my favourites as the Office US, Gogglebox, the Apprentice, The Only Way is Essex, House and American Horror Story. Bit of a mixture I know!

2. Spotify - I'm a massive music fan and when I downloaded spotify it changed my life. I've never had premium and I don't intend to get it but as I'm writing this I'm currently listening to an amazing playlist I've made which seems to have a lot of Gorillaz, Bowie and U2. Noice.

3. Makeup - This is a bit of an obvious one I know but I have a serious love for lipsticks and eyeshadows. I love applying makeup and buying makeup and it's definitely one of the most underrated forms of art, that's for sure. 

4. Sims 4 - I'm actually obsessed. I finally got Sims in the summer and I can literally spend hours doing God knows what. Currently I'm playing a family consisting of Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny as well as their kids (there's some on the way). Am I loser? By the way, that reminds of Cursed Child omg omg omg

5. Geography - Since about the age of 12 I've been pretty obsessed with knowing all the countries in the world and knowing as much as I can about them. I have a massive map on my wall that I often use in the background of my photos. I love educational Youtube channels probably the most (not just Geography ones) and GeographyNow is one of my absolute faves.

6. Potatoes - Like most people I have a real passion (is that the wrong word?) for chips and crisps and waffles and rostis etc. Potatoes are such an amazing food really. 

7. Chatting - Over the last few months I feel as though I've grown in confidence and become a chattier and more sociable person. This is definitely to do with going to a new school as well as achieving some milestones I never thought I would over the past few years like finishing school and exams and doing things like Duke of Edinburgh and being on School Council (I know these might sound arbitrary to some but for me they were massive achievements).

8. Cats (and dogs) - I literally love cats so much (I miss mine so much :( ). The other day I walked out of my house at about 7:30 on my way to Sixth form and saw two cats fighting and I literally stopped in the street and went 'what's going on?' to the cats. I'm not a crazy cat lady I swear ha.

9. Harry Potter - I'm not just your average Potterhead I guess. I've gotten into the habit of reading the entire series every summer (10 days if my record). I love these books more than many other things. These are the only books where I'd honestly cancel all plans just to read them. They mean so much to me in terms of nostalgia and the meaning and the characters and the plot. I adore them and I can't wait to read them to my children. 

10. Blogging - Duh! I love these sorts of chatty posts where I ramble on about my life to what feels like no one but oh well. I love replying to comments and interacting with other bloggers. I love makeup and sharing my thoughts and views. I love doing giveaways (ok I know I've only done one so far) and I love giving tips and advice. I love everyone who's ever bothered to read a single post. 

1. Sexist/racist/homophobic Youtubers/Viners that still have careers - Seriously what is this about. I understand that people can make mistakes and reform and become better people but I think those attitudes means you have no right to be famous and influential. I don't agree that they should have no career or hope in life but just that they shouldn't have the benefit of a wide reach.

2. Vomit - I know no one likes vomit but I have a phobia which I've talked about here

3. Muggy weather - I get such a bad SULA (sweaty upper lip alert - Wildchild anyone?) and I seriously can't deal with being really hot and sweaty. I feel super faint and gross and my makeup just sweats off. 

4. Not knowing what the future holds - If you couldn't already tell, I'm a really panicky, anxious, cautious person and I hate not knowing how things will turn out. I get super stressed over things that should be enjoyable and I live in the past and future way too much, and not the present! Everyday I try more and more to become more relaxed and calm but I freak out if I think about a levels for more than 10 seconds.

5. People with negative vibes - I try to be as positive and upbeat as possible and I get everyone has bad times but you know those people that complain about everything? Omg shut up. I used to be one of these but I like to thing I'm a bit more positive about most things, and I actively try to look for the good in everyone and every situation if I can. 

6. Turkish Delight - I don't think I need to go into details about how I ate this and then had norovirus. Yeah no.

7. Egg - I hate anything eggy or of eggy consistency, makes me gag. I might as well be straight up vegan because all dairy is pretty gross to me. 

8. When people act like teenagers/young people don't know shit just because they're young - This irks me like nothing else when older people (baby boomers) complain about the youth or imply that the youth don't know anything about politics (or life in general) just because we may think differently to them. I have a lot of hope for this generation honestly. We're the first ones to truly grow up with technology and to truly learn about things like climate change and poverty and politics. 

9. The prices of high end makeup - I hate hate hate how expensive some makeup is! It's ridiculous. I also hate how the majority of youtubers/bloggers focus on brands like Mac/Benefit etc even though they're on the cheaper end of luxury makeup they're still crazily overpriced for most people. I get too much foundation and palette envy.

10. When people don't move down inside the bus - Okay I don't know if everyone can relate to this but it seriously irritates me when you're on a packed bus and then loads of people get on the driver presses that button that's like 'please move down inside the bus' and people don't go and stand on the stairs at the back of the bus like what the hell do you have to stand in front of the doors and hog it so no one can get off. Also when people don't give up their seat for old people. What is your problem?

Job Interview Experience [Greggs & McDonalds] | CharlotteBehappy

So I've been on the job hunt for the past few weeks and I'd had an interview at both Greggs and McDonalds and I thought I'd share the process with you.

I applied online after seeing an ad on Indeed. It was pretty simple, and they took into account that I was a school child. There pay was about £6 an hour and online they explained the training process as well as the hours. It was very very clear.
I got an email for an interview shortly afterwards and one mistake I made was wearing nail varnish (don't do this because it's against their policy). The manager asked me loads of questions and it was pretty empty but she took me into the back. She explained a lot about how things at Greggs worked and asked me about experience I had and how it was applicable to the job. I'd recommend looking the Greggs website to get an idea of their values etc. She gave me some scenarios, some that weren't too bad and she also asked me about where I live and juggling work and school.
In the end I didn't get the job, I made a few slip ups and also I think I lived a tad too far but it was fairly pleasant.

It's easiest to go straight onto the McDonalds site to search for jobs. Again the application was easy online and also asked scenario based questions. The interview took place in the actual restaurant and most of the questions were asking about the hours I'd work and where I live and what I was doing. The only actual question he asked was why I wanted to work in McDonalds. At this moment, I don't know if I've got the job yet but it was over in about 5 minutes. The email I got said there would be an On Job Evaluation where I would get shown things and would do things but that didn't happen at all. I'm not sure if that's a good sign at all!

GCSEs to A Levels | CharlotteBehappy

Hiya. So today for those of you who are starting sixth form I thought I'd give some tips an advice for the jump. Later I'll hopefully have a 'how to succeed in your gcses guide' or something.

Choosing your options - This is the most important thing really and here's my advice.

  • I think if uni is the direction you want to go in, I'd choose at least two (preferably 3) out: English, Maths, the Sciences, Languages and Humanities. What you do is up to you.
  • You should really go for subjects your good at. I by good at I don't mean subjects that you get high grades in necessarily but instead ones that you feel as though you understand the most.
  • It's important to thoroughly research a course. Ask how much is each section, which bits are hard, which bits are boring and which are exciting. Ask what sections are most similar to GCSE and which are completely new. Make sure you research thoroughly!
  • If you know what you'd like to do in the future make sure you look up the options you need for that subject. For example, to do pretty much any science degree you need Chemistry and Biology or Maths (if not both) and for Law you'd be best off doing History and English. And don't worry! A lot of people change their option in the first few weeks or so.
  • If you can, give yourself one 'easy' option or one that's different from the others. For example if you're doing sciences, give yourself one that is more coursework based (like art) or one that's essay based (like psychology) or one that's completely unrelated (like econimcs). I think it's nice that even if your options combine nicely just to give yourself one that's different whether in content or style.

Choosing where to go

  • For some this may be easy. Your school may have a sixth form so you may just go there but the first thing to decide is is whether you want to leave or stay (for some this may be easy).
  • Secondly, decide if you want to go to a sixth form or college and if you don't know/mind, look around everywhere. I mean everywhere. Look at places that everyone's applying to and ones that no one's applying to.
  • If nothing tickles your fancy, that's okay. Apply to ones that seem decent. You may want to consider looking at % of A*-Bs and that but usually grades are more likely down to you rather than down to the place.
  • If you're stuck between two places, chat to your friends and ask what they'd do. I only decided a couple of days before results day and I'm over the moon with my choice. Follow your gut, trust me!

Garnier Ultimate Blends Review | CharlotteBehappy

If you read my skincare post you know I've been a devout fan of L'oreal. But here's my review of the Garner Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner I've tried out.

Superdrug Face Masks | CharlotteBehappy

I've not really seen anyone talk about these probably before so I thought I'd give it a crack.

Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Review + update | CharlotteBehappy

Hi everyone! I'm back!x
Sorry I've been away. If you didn't know I recently started a completely new school and as well as that, I've started my a levels (I'm doing Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology for those interested). I usually batch post which means I'll write a lot of posts all at once and then schedule them to go up over the next month. If you look at a lot the more recent post, I'd written them in August or so which seems ages away. It's so crazy to think I had written them when I hadn't started a new school and I was so nervous and apprehensive about it all and now I've already finished half a term. So I promise that I will try my best to upload as regularly as possible but I make no money from blogging and this is purely a hobby but it has to come second to work sometimes. Either way, I've got loads of reviews planned as well as a tag and a lip swatch post coming up over the next month or so.
My birthday and Christmas aren't too far off too which means I should have even more things to review for all of you. I'm planning a new years giveaway too, so make sure you follow me on my social medias to keep updated with me: here. I thought I'd also add that since results day I had a remark in both History and English Literature. History didn't budge but English Literature went up to an A*! I'm also on the job hunt nowadays and have had a couple of interviews which I'll write about for those of you who are interested. Anyways, let's get it into it!

My Haircare Routine | CharlotteBehappy

Hi there, today I thought I'd share with you my general haircare routine.

So firstly, my hair is a a medium brown, quite dark on top and a lot lighter on the bottoms from the sun. It's fairly long and grows quite fast. It's straight and flat and doesn't curl to well. I wash it every other day, leaving it out on the day I wash it (I shower in the morning) and tie it up the second day.

To wash my hair I generally use any L'oreal shampoo. It cleans your hair well and leaves it so shiny. When using shampoo I only put it on the roots, leaving the ends of my hair completely bare. This means that the ends aren't stripped by shampoo and only the greasy roots are cleaned.
I then use conditioner, sometimes even on my hair. I leave it so that it can nourish my hair for as long as possible. I sometimes even condition my hair, wash it out, then condition it again and leave it in for a bit. Unfortunately conditioner can flatten down your hair, meaning you lose some volume.

I then put my hair in a towel turban and then leave it for about ten minutes. I then go ahead and dry my roots only, without brushing my hair. I never dry the ends as these get damaged more easily, and not brushing your hair makes it less likely to break. I let the ends air dry, and then brush them out using a tangle teezer and then put the L'oreal oil in my hair (I swear this post isn't sponsored).

Occasionally I use a hair mask all over my hair, root to tip before washing it out with shampoo. I sometimes apply more oil in my hair than the regular two pumps, either before/after straightening it or if it gets a little frizzy.

Kew Gardens | CharlotteBehappy

 I recently went to Kew Gardens for my friend's birthday. I thought I'd share some snaps from our visit with you.

If you've never been to Kew, it's pretty pricey unless you're under 16 (then it's only £3.50). It's a big park full of botany and some animals. It's a great day out and the weather was so nice.

Maybelline Color Elixir Review | CharlotteBehappy

Whilst writing this post, I'm yet to start Sixth form but by the time you're reading this I've already been at a new school for a month (crazy!). Therefore I need more nude/neutral lipsticks (I tend to have a lot of reds and pinks). I watched a hell of a lot of glosses and lipsticks on my hand before picking up this number.

Topshop 'Brighten' Highlight Pen Review + Swatch | CharlotteBehappy

A while ago I won a £100 Topshop voucher and I decided to pick this up. This is one of those highlight pens designed for highlight and contour. This was a little disappointing.

W7 Absolute Lashes Mascara Review | CharlotteBehappy

I would say I liked Benefit They're Real, but for me it wasn't perfect. I bought this off Amazon for £2.50 after seeing this review. It's definitely an amazing dupe!

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review | CharlotteBehappy

So this is the worst BB cream that I've ever tried. I bought this from Boots and it was pretty pricey, I can't lie I was pretty pumped to try this. Revlon is an expensive 'drugstore' brand (if you can even call it that) and I rarely treat myself to Revlon makeup. I have this in the lightest shade and it has SPF 30.

Coffee Table Books | CharlotteBehappy

Hello, today I thought I'd just share with you two pretty good books I've got
The first is Question Everything and is by New Scientist. It's full of questions that people frequently ask, mostly science based and then has answers submitted by readers. It's pretty simple so that anyone can understand, and it answers questions you didn't even know you had.
The second book, Things That Nobody Knows is full of all the things that nobody knows. This books teaches you about things and then tells you that nobody actually knows the answer. It varies over loads of topics. I feel like if I memorised this book I'd be a pro at university challenge.

What are your favourite coffee table books/non-fiction books?

Volunteering | CharlotteBehappy

Hiya so today I just thought I'd share some information with you about some volunteering I've done.

So from September to May I volunteered at a Banardo's Charity Shop. Whilst there I basically cleaned any ceramics or crockery or cutlery that was sent in. I sorted through donations and tagged and sorted clothes. I cleaned the shop floor and shelves as well as checked CDs weren't scratched and toys weren't broken. I did about an hour at a time and it mostly consisted of sorting and cleaning. My manager was really nice and we mostly just chatted. Before I left I had just started learning how to work on the till. When I go to do Duke of Edinburgh silver, I'm mostly likely to go back.

This summer and last summer I've volunteered at the Summer Reading Challenge at my local library. These reading challenges are basically designed for kids to read books. They're supposed to read 6 books over the holidays and they get a prize for each book they read. My role is to listen to the kids read some of the book they've read or listen to their review of the book. I then give them some prizes and help them to stick an animal on the board which represents each book they read.

I hope this interested you, encouraged you or informed you. Leave any questions down below.

Bacne Update #2 | CharlotteBehappy

To read my first Bacne Update go here.
So I went to the dermatologist and he seemed pretty convinced that my acne had probably cleared up due to the gel and antibiotics. I stopped using the gel because it made my skin irritated and it started peeling. I then went on holiday and got sunburnt. He prescribed this new stronger gel that I've been using since, as well as two more months of antibiotics (that'll make six months). I feel as though finally there is some improvement. I'll let you know when I finish treatment, although the dermatologist said that since it's not severe enough for strong treatment, it may never be perfect.

Shoe Collection: Heels, Flats, Trainers & Boots | CharlotteBehappy

Hello everyone! Today I'm showing you all the shoes I own! I hope you enjoy. I'm wearing socks because I don't feel like putting my feet on the internet, but usually I'd wear some of these without socks.

 Black suede heels: Matalan
I bought these for my Leavers Tea and they're rounded black heels with no platform. They're pretty uncomfortable but not too high. They're also not rain appropriate.

Stila In the Light Palette Review + Swatch | CharlotteBehappy

I was very fortunate to receive this palette as a gift from my mum upon receiving my results. I was absolutely over the moon. 

2True Smooth Matte Foundation Review | CharlotteBehappy

So I watched this video by Emma Blackery and decided that I had to pick up this foundation. I got the lightest shade out of five different shades for £2.49 from Superdrug (here). 

Hottest Makeup Trends Across the World [guest post] | CharlotteBehappy

A/N: Hey everyone, sorry my post is a day late. I've got a guest post for you! There's information about the author at the bottom of the post, and I hope you enjoy it! Details on guest posting are now up on my PR + Advertising page if you're interested. 

Hottest makeup trends around the world

In the modern times we live today beauty is a variable notion, not just because we welcome new beauty trends every now and then, but because the perception of beauty varies among different cultures and each of these cultures is setting their own standards. What’s extremely popular and trendy in one part of the world may be quite unknown, even surprising in other. So, even if you’re following global makeup trends, it wouldn’t hurt to see which new looks are hot in different parts of the world.

Results Day | CharlotteBehappy

Hi there, here's a little bonus post for you all.
You may already know that previously this year I took my GCSEs and left my school that I attended for 5 years. Today was a fairly important day where I received my GCSE results which are arguably, important. I also enrolled at a new sixth form (something very nerveracking) and I'm taking a levels in biology, chemistry, maths and psychology.
Today I just thought I'd share my results with you.

Southend-On-Sea | CharlotteBehappy

Disclaimer: This is extremely photo heavy.
Disclaimer part 2: I was totally meant to do a 'Summer Holiday Favourites' kind of post but the photos turned out really gross and I couldn't fix it in time so I've scrapped that for now, but if you'd still like to see it, or something similar, just comment down below. Also, I'm sorry this is late.

On Sunday the 9th of August, my friends and I (links at the bottom of the post) took a little trip to Southend. If you're from East London (or most of London I think?) then you'll know Southend pretty well as it's the nearest seaside. 

It's not particularly nice in the sense that there aren't palm trees or sandy beaches (this is Britain we're talking about), but when it's 25 degrees and there's bright blue skies and your friend has bubbles and there's a long pier, what can go wrong?

5 Tips for healthy eyes | CharlotteBehappy

We all get sore eyes from time to time and that can be for a variety or reasons. Sometimes people get migraines and see flashing lights but there's lots of simple ways to keep your eyes clean.

1. Use an eye cream

Eye creams can be expensive but they can help you to de-puff your eyes and keep the skin around your eyes moisturised and soft. If you want a cheap alternative, you can use plain vaseline. Warming up a little bit in your fingers and applying this near your lashes in order to help them grow, it will also help to stop creasing.

2. Don't use wipes

Wipes are notoriously drying and using them drags on your eye area and can cause discomfort. Alternatively you can use a foaming face wash, preferably something oily or creamy.  Any face wash that's good should remove all makeup on your face as to a face wash, makeup is dirt so it should remove all scum and dirt on your face. 

3. Unclog your pores

In your eye, you have two pores. One for tears (tear duct) and one for healthy oils with stop your eyes from drying. If you find that your eyes are noticeably dry and your eyes are tearing up a lot, it's likely that this is due to your oil pore being clogged (most likely by makeup). If you take a cotton pad or flannel and wet it under warm water and then rub it in small circular motions underneath the eye. The heat with open the pore and the water with clean it. If you do this in the shower, for about a week your eyes should start to feel less dry.

4. No screen before bed

Screens are bad for your eyes, and looking at them in the dark when they're bright can really strain your eyes. As well as trying your 'waking up' hormone into thinking it's morning, it can hurt your eyes. Looking at screens first thing in the morning is also not a great wake up call.

5. Wear less makeup

If you don't want your pores to get clogged it's worth not wearing so much makeup. Liner and mascara and kohl pencil in the waterline is a big no no. It's okay occasionally, but full on makeup everyday, it's not the best. Once you've cleaned your eyes, it's worth checking for little black trials in your tear duct, these may come out in your snot, you never know.

Brows: What to do with them | CharlotteBehappy

Brows are great! They're often one of the best parts about doing your makeup. They can make you feel fierce and frame your face. This post should explain the details of the three main ways of eyebrow grooming: threading, plucking and waxing. As someone who's experienced(-ish) with all three I feel slightly qualified to tell you the how, what, & costs of the three. 


The easiest and most common way of maintaining the brows. All you need is a pair of tweezers which aren't usually too expensive. You can do this in the comfort of your own home and don't need any products, just a steady hand. It is time consuming as you have to pluck each individual hair. Mostly on top of the brow and in the middle of your brows is pretty pain free but anywhere underneath and on the brow bone, is pretty painful. Hairs don't stay gone for too long but with one little pluck it's gone again. It's pretty hard to shape your brows by plucking and you're need to be very careful as it's very common for people to overpluck their brows. In between waxes and threads it's a cheap way to keep your brows presentable. It's also the most common way to get ingrown hairs. As well as this, it doesn't give a clean shape like the other methods do.


I payed £3.50 for my eyebrow waxing but it does vary from place to place. They put hot wax around the brows and use a wax strip (like for any other part of your body but smaller), to remove the wax. It's quick and does sting a little but doesn't leave your skin too red (if you're a paler girl). It's not too precise but is good for tidying up and shaping and it takes a lot off at once. If you've never fiddled with your brows before, I'd recommend this first simply because it's not too painful but will give you great brows. One problem I find is that unless I run home and scrub my face (which I don't), any wax residue can leave you with small spots around your brows. If you already have acne around your brows, then this is not for you as it'll be quite painful.


This was originally from Eastern cultures but is now popular over in the West. It's literally a piece of thread, moved against your skin to remove hairs. This is what I currently do. I pay £3 for this and it doesn't involve any products (apart from a little aloe), so no spots there. It does leave my skin red so this probably isn't one for sensitive skin. It's fairly painful but removes hair precisely and a lot at once. It also lasts the longest out of the three but when the hairs start to grow back, they all come at once, so I just pluck them away. You do have to hold your face slightly for the threading lady but it's still great. It's good for thinner and thicker brows. I'd recommend this for real brow fanatics. I wouldn't recommend going to brow bars because the prices are extortianite and just rip you off. I would look a small beauty places, the kind of places you'd get a bikini wax, as most of them now do threading. Even better if you go to place where the threaders are Indian as they'll probably know the best about it. Usually they trim my brows too and £3 is really affordable, as I only get mine done every 3 weeks. Threading and waxing requires your brows to grow out a bit so you might have a week with crazy eyebrows whereas plucking will just 

So, as you may realise, there are pros and cons to all three but it's about what works best for you. If naturally you have great brows, go to plucking. A bit bushier, waxing. In between, thick or sparse, threading (if you can bare the pain!). Well, good luck on your eyebrow endeavors!

Pads Vs. Tampons | CharlotteBehappy

I've always been someone who's never been embarrassed about periods. I went to an all girls school and periods was a sort of common ground which everyone could relate to. Pupils have nearly always talked about it frankly, even sometimes with teachers. This kind of chat about periods also really raises awareness about how different everyone is.

So before I start, this sort of 'battle' has been comprised of my own experiences and I completely acknowledge that everyone has their own preferences, beliefs (religious or otherwise) and experiences as well as their own unique bodies. Pads and tampons are the most common sanitary product and there are other things to use such as menstrual cups but since I've never used them I can't really say much about them. I'm also not a sexual education expert so I'm really not the right person to tell you how and why tampons don't break your virginity but here are some channels you can look at to answer some questions (hopefully): SexPlanations, LaciGreen and this Emma Blackery video.

Image from here

Spreading the Youtubing Love | CharlotteBehappy

So as you're reading this, I'm currently on my two week holiday in Mallorca so this and the next 4 posts will be scheduled. Apologies if I don't respond to comments straight away but I will try my best!

So in this post where I talk about issues with sponsorships and adverts and Youtubers, I feel as though I didn't make it clear that really I was talking about large Youtubers with millions of subs. 

Instead of being negative I thought I'd share my love for some smaller Youtubers that I really like and that produce some really great content. What constitutes as 'small' is really up to you, but I've gone with no more than 100,000 (which is quite a lot really) and I've got quite a bit of variation but hopefully you'll discover some new channels if you haven't already.

Bacne #1 | CharlotteBehappy

So I was debating whether or not to make this post but I thought I might as well. 
So since about 2013 I've had acne on my back and chest and it fluctuates constantly. I exfoliated it frequently and I tried an acne spray. It usually got worse during summer when I used suncream and in April I went to see a doctor. I was on lymecycline for two months (an antibiotic) and it didn't do anything at all.

I went back and I'm back on lymecycline for another two months and I'm using a clindamycin and anhydrous benzoyl peroxide gel in the evening for a month. This gel contains antibiotics I believe. So far I've been using the gel for two weeks and my skins become a little dry and tight, and once is starts peeling I think I'm supposed to stop using it for a bit and moisturise. I'll update you a bit more later on after my holiday (when suncream will be used a lot) to see if it made a difference.

My Jewellery Collection + Storage | CharlotteBehappy

Hey there. Today I thought I'd share with you my bracelets, rings and necklaces and if I can remember, where they're from. Most of this jewellery is quite old, and most gifts, but as far as I know, most isn't expensive. I store all this in a leather box with pink velvet insides that are designed for jewellery. The box is called 'Stackers' and the idea is that you can buy loads and literally stack them.
Nail polish: Moonshine by Topshop.

This is probably my most recent bracelet which I got for my 16th last November  It's from Lola Rose and is a small gold chain with beads of minerals around it. I'm not sure if they're real or what they are exactly but there appears to be Jade and Amethyst. I'm not expert on things like this, so if you have any idea, let me know. This is from Lola Rose.

Here are too rings. One has a milky stone in the middle and other is a bright marine coloured ring from Matalan. 

This ring from Pia says 'believe' on it and is a metal wrap around ring with a gold star that can get largest and smaller by adjusting the rings. 

Waitrose Pure Skincare | CharlotteBehappy

I've not seen much chat about the new Waitrose skincare line 'Pure' recently so I'd let you know my thoughts on some of the products that I've tried out. Waitrose is probably as high end as supermarkets go, and it's known for being middle class, more expensive and a little bit snobby. Therefore I had high hopes for their skincare line.

Cleansing Wash: This comes out in a clear gel consistency and has no scent. This face wash does absolutely nothing at all. It doesn't get rid of dry skin or stop you're skin from getting oily. It doesn't get rid of blackhead or dirt in your skin. It cleans it, probably as well as soap does and that's it. This is on sale for £1.99 here so really it's a good cheap choice and I think it's perfectly fine for the price.

Eye Makeup Remover: This is amazing. Just a pump or two of the milky liquid can remove all your eyeshadows and bases, eyeliners (even gel) as well as layers upon layers of mascara. It comes off so easily just by massaging the remover into your eyes and a trace isn't even left under your eyes or once you shower. This sells for £1.99 here and is an absolute bargain. It lasts quite a while. 

In the range there is also an eye gel, a body butter, a skin tonic, facial wipes, a face polish, a hand cream, a beauty balm, face cream, facial oil and eye makeup remover in a different form. I'm yet to try any of these but I really want to try the face polish and facial oil. Every product is either £1.99 or £2.99 and you can shop it here. This post is not sponsored by the way.

Have you tried anything from this range? What products would you like to try out?

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Miracle Haircare: L'oreal Elvive Extrodinaire Oil | CharlotteBehappy

If you know me, then it's common knowledge that I'm a devote Elvive Shampoo user. However when it comes to heat protectant, hair masks, dry shampoo, mousses and creams (that that I every really use any of these things) I'm more adventurous with brands. 
I'm usually really good with my hair. I only every dry the roots (although when it's hot I don't do this), and I avoid straightening and curling it at all costs. However my hair is so knotty. It rips and breaks so easily and is definitely a source of annoyance in my day to day life. 

The official info is here

Why I've become disillusioned with Youtubers | CharlotteBehappy

Warning: Rant about youtube, some brands, and some strong language, although no names named in a negative light. 

So this is a post I've been meaning to write a for a long long while.

I first discovered Youtube in about 2012. I believe the first video I ever watched was this and it led me on to the likes of Joey, Ingrid and Luke, and from there Dan, Phil, Charlie, Alex, Chris and PJ, Fleur, Tanya, Jim and eventually Zoe (I think I was subbed before 400,000 and at the time, that was pretty huge) and Alfie. When I was about 13 years old I was completely and utterly obsessed with Youtube. It was about a year later when I started my blog. 

Recently I've become completely bored with Youtube and I rarely watch beauty youtubers anymore. I don't know whether it's because I've changed or because Youtube has changed. I may just have been naive but I started watching Youtube, there was rarely a sponsored video to be seen. I have no problem with the occasional sponsored video, and by occasional (which many youtubers claim they only do) I mean no more than roughly 10 a year, and that just depends on how often you upload. However, literally every other video in my feed is sponsored, or the products were gifted. It's ridiculous. Especially considering the young majority audience of many gurus cannot afford Charlotte Tilbury or Mac or even fucking £10 drugstore foundations (like seriously L'oreal). 

Mini Superdrug Haul + Review | CharlotteBehappy

Hello everyone, how are you? Today I thought I'd share a mini haul post with you. However, like always, to spice it up a bit I've tried out the products so I can let you know if they're any good. Let me know what drugstore products you've been enjoying in the comments down below. 

I wasn't particularly interested in buying this foundation when it was released. A while back I tried the L'oreal Eau de something foundation which is a sort of equivalent to this. This is one of those liquid to powder foundations and with the L'oreal one, I found it a bit orange, and very drying, and it clung to dry patches. I thought I might as well give this a whirl, mostly because it was 2 for £10 at Superdrug and this was the most expensive thing along with the concealer below. When I got this in the post I was literally like 'what the flippidy flip' (maybe not literally). It looked so dark! I also had really low low expectations of this because it had an annoying dropped applicator which doesn't work as a pipette but just a strange stick.

Empties #8 (+ I'm back) | CharlotteBehappy

Hello everyone, it's good to be back.
So my exams are over and I've officially left school for good. As well as this, I've got an extra long holiday and this hopefully means I'll be able to upload every Wednesday and Sunday. I considered going back to my old schedule of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but for now, I'll stick to two uploads a week. I've got a lot of posts planned and ready, but as always let me know what you'd specifically like to see. If you want to contact me to talk to me about my blog, or to possibly to a collab/guest post, just email me here:

Okay, let's get ready to rumble. I thought I'd return with a super long Empties post. This is definitely the largest one I've done, so enjoy!
Okay, so first up is this Imperial Leather body wash. This isn't a particularly floral smell but the scent is pretty neutral and clean. I wouldn't say it smells of literal raspberries but it feels pretty luxurious. It's not overly moisturising but it does a pretty decent job. Pick if up here

I originally reviewed this Argan Oil body butter here. It's moisturising and thick but I'm not too keen on the scent, and the scent really clings. It's overpriced, that's for sure, but compared to some slightly cheaper creams and lotions, this does stand out from the crowd. However, it's also good to keep in mind if you do buy it (here) that it's butter texture makes it super thick. This means you don't have to moisturise everyday, but if you do, your skin can feel coated and almost a bit heavy

Leavers' Tea (Prom) 2015 - The Pictures | CharlotteBehappy

If you didn't read my last post (you really should read it), I basically explained what happened at my prom. This is a post purely dedicated to some of the photos I took. Enjoy!

The Primark nails which would not stay on.

When we first arrived.

Leavers' Tea (Prom) 2015 - The Story | CharlotteBehappy

If you didn't already know, I go to an all girls school so 'leavers' tea' is our version of prom more or less. In this post I thought I'd briefly outline the events and include links and information and in my next post (uploading on Wednesday) I'd share photos/videos from the events (of which there are more than 100. For some of you this may not be very interesting but like my Duke of Edinburgh and my Swanage post, this is just a way of documenting some key parts of my life.

Okay. So, I get up at the crack of done (well 7:30) and washed and straightened my hair, did my makeup, packed my bag, even put on some fake nails which later fell

5 Makeup Things They Never Tell You | CharlotteBehappy

So, this post is basically designed for people who are new to makeup and this list sort of compiles 5 things that I wish I knew before I first started wearing makeup. Some of these may seem obvious but they're just super important (imo).

1. Foundation gets everywhere
Please take this literally. Foundation does not just stick on your face  one you put it on and stay there. It will get on your phone when you make phone calls, it will get on your pillows and clothes, on your hands and sleeves and collars. It doesn't matter how well you set it, if you rest your head on your hand, you will get foundation on it.

Beauty Haul + Review (+ a little update) | CharlotteBehappy

First of all, I'm really sorry for missing Wednesday's post. I thought I'd kicked the habit of missing posts but it turns out, not quite yet. Sadly (well I think this is sad) I'm probably going to miss a lot of posts and I'm debating whether or not to go on a mini hiatus or to just post whenever I can. But basically, in three weeks I have two weeks of exams, a week off, and then two weeks of exams, and them I'm going away for another week and then I have 'taster days' at schools/colleges I'm considering going to. So as you can see, I'm pretty busy but I feel bad for literally not blogging until july and I really don't want to do that. So I guess I'm just going to try to upload when I can (apologies if it's a bit patchy). But yes, just a fair warning that this blog might be a bit 'here-and-there' for a while. 

Anyway, on with the post! Soooooo, for my the holidays = spending and I have no idea why I decide to do this every time I get a break but I do. So, I had a £5 Love2Shop voucher which I spent on some skincare and then I went to Oxford Street and splashed out a little. 

Nail Varnish Bargains | CharlotteBehappy

So at my school, you get given postcards for like good reports and good attendance and if you save up 10 you get a £5 love2shop voucher. Fortunately for me, I'd managed to save up 20 so I had £10 worth. You can spend these in lots of shops but I decided to trek to TK Maxx. 

Mac Lipstick Giveaway! [closed] | CharlotteBehappy

I was recently reading a post by All That Shimmers and she suggested that to grow your blogging audience, you should do giveaways! Now, I've never done one on this blog before but I recently reached my two year anniversary on this blog. I thought it'd be nice if I did one for all of you.
A Mac lipstick of your choice 

The lipstick must be in the normal range price of £15.50.
So sorry that means no pro long wear lipsticks but it can be limited edition or any other special type as long as the price does not exceed £15.50.
The giveaway opens 01/03/15 and closes on the 04/04/15 at midnight. 
Enter using the raffle cop widget. 
You must leave a comment to enter and you must enter in my survey to enter.
The others are all optional but give you an extra entry.
The winner will be chosen randomly.
If you're under the age of 16, please make sure you have your parents permission to give me your address if you win. 
Leave any questions in the comment section below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Snip Snip Haircut... | CharlotteBehappy

So for a good year I've very long hair almost long enough for me to sit on. If you've had long hair you know why it's annoying: it's very messy and you literally have to rip it apart; it's impossible to tie up because it's so heavy (especially on the roots); it's hard to style because it takes so long; it gets in the way ALL THE TIME, and it gets all thin and damaged towards the ends.
So, I'd had enough! I'd grown to resent my hair and the only thing I liked was how naturally it was quite light at the ends. It just wasn't worth it for me any more. I booked an appointment at a hairdresser's called Biyoni
I'm not sure exactly how much I cut off but a good 6 inches. I didn't donate because it wasn't long enough and it was pretty damaged and rough. 
Now I feel so much better! It's bouncier and less flat because it's not so heavy (originally it was quite thick and really weighed down my face). It looks nicer tied up and only takes 10 minutes to dry lightly. It's healthy and strong and shiny. I love it! 

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Discover undiscovered music on Skunk Radio Live | CharlotteBehappy

Discover undiscovered music from all over the world. All your favorite genres from Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and EDM, to Classical Music, Soundtrack Music, Lounge Music, Jazz, and everything in-between.

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Undiscovered artists from all over the world are popping up on Skunk Radio Live everyday. What makes it special is that the music programming is not limited to mainstream genres like Pop, Rock and Hip Hop, but also includes other sub-genres, less popular genres and instrumental genres.

Skunk Radio Live is an invaluable music discovery tool every music lover can't do without.

The L!ve Team is Skunk Radio Live's dedicated music discovery team, scouring the globe daily to find the hottest undiscovered music creators out there.

We are very passionate about discovering new music, and even more passionate about sharing it with the world.



If you'd like to guest post or for PR, please email me here:

Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara | CharlotteBehappy

Apparently this argan oil infused mascara helps to grow your lashes. I've been using this for over a month and it's safe to say that's it's made little difference. However, the brush and the packaging is really pleasing and this lasts fairly well. It separates and lengthens lashes a little but it terms of lash growth, there's been none. It's a simple, undramatic mascara that's ok for everyday use but it adds no overall improvement.

Liebster Award! | CharlotteBehappy

A little bonus post. First off, I'd like to say sorry for such a late reply (oopsie), but I've been nominated for the Liebster Award! No, this isn't an alternative, exclusive award for bloggers, it's a sort of tag designed to get to know smaller blogs. I think this is a great idea. Thanks so much to Suncream and Sparkles  for nominating me in THIS post. I also got all information on this award from her post (so please check it out).

There are just a few rules:
+ Answer all 11 questions that have been asked to you
+ Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers on Twitter (I found people via BBlogRT)
+ Ask 11 questions of your own
+ Notify the 11 bloggers you've nominated
+ Tag the person who nominated you
(+ as a little extra, i'm following all the 11 new bloggers i've nominated - this isn't technically in the rules, i just thought it'd be nice)

Here are my 11 questions that Suncream and Sprinkles set me

1. What do you like about blogging? 
I just love writing about things that are completely unrelated to my day to day life (school e.t.c.), as well as just getting a response from readers and just learning about new things.

2. Three favourite bloggers. 
For sure: Lily Melrose, Amelia Liana and All That Shimmers

3. Do you have any pets? 
Not anymore, although I did have two beautiful tabbys (Molly and Jasper).

4. Heels or flats? 
Honestly, I've never owned or worn heels outside before so this is more of a 'flats-because-i've-only-ever-worn-flats' kind of answer.

5. One beauty product you couldn't live without. 
I'm not going to try to be cool but this is literally a toss up between deodorant and shampoo. I'd say shampoo because hopefully because I shower everyday (like one should), I shouldn't smell *too* bad.

6. Who was your teen celebrity crush? (The one plastered over your bedroom walls!) 
This is literally so embarrassing but it was Taylor Lautner. I used to be absolutely obsessed with Twilight and I was a devoted Team Jacob fan. WHY?


7. Whats your guilty pleasure?
I wouldn't say any of my pleasures are guilty. Except probably crisps. I love really stinky, cheesy, spicy, oniony crisps (the kind that REEK). I swear I have a bit of an addiction because I could eat bags of crisps on end for days,

8. If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?! 
Probably trip up people I don't like. Watch films in the cinema for free and I'd probably go to see Mamma Mia. I can't say there's much else really.

9.  Tell me a weird fact about yourself. 
I'm a Vegetarian and I have been all my life. I did a post about it here. Honestly, I have no idea why I'm vegetarian. 

10. Top blogging tip? 
Self promotion! Nothing has helped improve my blog more than promoting it however I could. At first I was super shy and nervous about it but as soon as I started telling people about it, it really hit off and I started to grow an audience (still small but to me significant).

11. What song always gets you dancing?!
Dancing in the Moonlight // Toploader

I nominate:
1. ALittleBitofEverything (Eleanor, pls start blogging again, i love your blog)
11. EcleticBex // @EclecticBex 

My questions for you!
1. Do you do youtube/would you ever do youtube?
2. Favourite album from your childhood?
3. A TV series that you can rewatch a million times?
4. In ten years time I'd like to have achieved...
5. What's your favourite takeaway?
6. Favourite musical?
7. How much is your makeup collection worth? (See my post here)
8. Best drugstore skincare product?
9. Favourite TV couple?
10. What do you think makes your blog unique?
11. What would be on your ideal compilation CD? (See my post here)

Mac Lipstick Love Affair | CharlotteBehappy

I thought I'd never give in to the temptation of Mac lipsticks since they're pretty pricey at £15.50. However, I've got a comfortable two and I'm safe to say that I love both lipsticks I have. 
Left: Hot Tahiti (Glaze) - A sheer deep berry red. It's not too intense and is super moisturising. It's a nice red but isn't bright and is more neutral. It goes well with most looks. My first Mac lipstick.
Right: Rebel (Satin) - This is such a famous lipstick. It's smooth and dries fairly matte. It's a deep purple but isn't dark. It's perfect for autumn/winter but isn't too scary and gothic and is still fun and playful. If applied lightly, or with a gloss, it's a perfect purply red summer colour.