Top 5 Blogging Essentials | CharlotteBehappy

1. Blue Tac
If you're taking pictures of products, it's impossible to stop them rolling around everywhere. Blue tac is a life saver. It means that your photos are less shaky, you can have the brands showing, and the products are recognisable. It's cheap and easy to get but really helps!

2. Wipes
This is more of a beauty one but if you keep your makeup in a bag or close together the products spill, leak and get messy. No one ones to see photos of your grimy weak old makeup. Wipes are bad for your face but are greater for cleaning up makeup products.

3. Camera
This isn't a hard one but it's pretty useful to have pictures you've taken yourself, not the PR released photos. It means you're more trustworthy and people trust your views as they see that you've used the products. If you can't afford a camera and have to use photos that aren't yours, always credit the source!

4. A Computer/PC/Mac
This might be an obvious one but people honestly try to blog on their phone and tablet only. Don't get me wrong, apps are useful but it's impossible to edit your theme and layout and import photos to your blog without a real computer or laptop.

5. Money
This is a sad one but it's important. Whether you need to buy every album or go to every film or buy every product, it will be costly. Blogging should be fun but the equipment, and the things you need to blog about will cost money.