Top 10 Giftset Bargains | CharlotteBehappy

So I've been watching lots of gift guide videos and very few of them have been affordable. We all want to get  all our friends nice presents but not all of us will spend £45 on a Laura Mercier set, let's be honest, not many of us can be doing that.

I've sifted through the gift section of Superdrug to get you the top 10, affordable beauty sets that seem a little more expensive. Ideal for friends and family or secret santas. 

1. 1D Take Me Home Beauty Collection // £15.00
We all know someone who loves 1D. There's plenty of gift sets that contain some of their mercy. This combines makeup and 1D so is perfect if you want to splash out and get someone a nice 1D set. It looks like it could cost a bit more and contains quite a few bits for the price.

2. Adidas Ice Drive Trio // £4.00
Here's some simple beauty products but for men. They're extremely affordable and you get 3 well sized products for such a little amount of money. They're great if you know a guy who likes wearing scents and smelling nice.

3. Baylis & Harding Boudoire Pink Benefit Set // £6.00
A nice luxurious brand and you get three bits that go with it. It's worth testing the scent but it smells expensive. It's great if you know people that love baths and beauty because this set is ideal for those who love to pamper themselves.

4. Charlie Pink EDT Pack // £5.50
Another one if you know someone who likes scents but isn't too fussed about expensive perfume. There's a range of scents you can get but they're not too strong or mature so are great for a younger child.

5. Dove Be-You-Ti-Ful Gift Pack // £7.50
Not everyone's into luxury brands, some just like fresh, nice spelling soaps. This one's not too expensive and is simple for those who you're not too familiar with (e.g. secret santa) or someone who likes the simple things.

6. Doc McStuffins Glitter Bath Sprinkles // £2.00
These are great if you're buying presents for a young sister or cousin. Most children appreciate quantity over quality. This is great as a solo present as it's large, or to go with a few other presents as it's so cheap. Check that the child you're buying for isn't allergic to things like this.

7. Exquisite Eau De Toilette // £4.00
Perfumes are an easy present to get for someone. However they're often very pricey. A key tip is to get one that looks and smells expensive and people will never know that it doesn't cost much!

8. Flutter Eye Shadow Set // £4.00
You may know someone who likes makeup but doesn't have a large collection, or someone who wants to get into eyeshadows, cheap duos like this are great for experimenting. They're decent and are better than forking out £30 for the new naked palette.

9. John Freida For The Blonde Bombshell // £6.00
You may know someone who loves their hair and loves to keep it nourished and healthy. If they're blonde, picking up luxurious haircare is great if they go away or want to try out products from expensive ranges before spending money on them.

10. Revolution Nail Collection // £6.00
Not everyone's interested in makeup or beauty but most people love a good nail polish. This kit has a range of colours that people of all ages will love. Because there's so many, it looks a little more pricey.