Top 10 Clothing/Accessories Gift Bargains | CharlotteBehappy

I received a request to do a similar post to my last one but focusing more on clothing. Again, I've tried to keep it super affordable (under £20) and keep to a wide range of recipients. Clothing is a little hard as it's not easy to guess people's sizes, styles or tastes. So, I've done my best to find things that would suit women of all ages. If you're interested in a version like this for men, just comment below!

1. Lace-up Ankle Boots // Deichmann // £14.99
Ankle boots are all the rave and you may know a friend who's dying for a pair. Of course, it's worth finding out the exact kind of boot they'd like but I've chosen this one as a generic type. Deichmann has affordable but good quality shoes, I'd recommend it in general.

2. Knitted Jumper // H&M // £8
Everyone loves big oversized jumpers. There's no real problem with the sizing and you can often find them with different interesting or funny designs and prints. This one's a bog-standard simple design but it's easy to find ones that say all sorts of different things.

3. Flower Hair Garland // New Look // £2
This is an easy one to go with other gifts. You may know someone who's very boho and indie or someone who likes festival fashion. Maybe you're even planning to go to a festival with someone. This is a cute little present that people who love hair accessories will love, even if it's not season appropriate.

4. Jingle Bell Holiday Sweater // Forever21 // £9.99
It's never too late to get someone a holiday jumper. They're easy to find in sales, and in shops. You can easily go to places like ASDA but they seem to be pricier. It's appropriate for the holiday and they're usually very warm and soft.

5. Beanie // Urban Outfitters // £5
In the colder months, everyone loves a nice hat - I don't blame them. This one's got an expensive price tag but is still quite affordable. You can find ones with writing on them but this is a colourful and good quality beanie that still very much in fashion.

6. Snood // Topshop // £12
Some people love knitted scarves or snoods. This is great. It's a neutral colour that goes with most and it's a thick, strong quality. Some people love winter because they love this kind of clothing and this really goes well with most people's fashion.

7. Gloves // Accessorize // £4
Another winter accessory is a pair of gloves. They're necessary really and most people want them if they don't already have them. A nice thick pair is wanted and these are super stretch so will fit most hands.

8. Christmas Pudding Purse // Asos // £4
This is great for someone who's a little bit younger or if someone's in need of a new purse. Obviously it's a quite seasonal but cute little gifts like this are always appreciated by little girls/boys usually.

9. Printed Slippers // Gap // £11.99
This is something that's great for someone of all ages. These are soft, festive (but you can wear these all year round since you're just in your house) and hardwearing. They're really nice for slightly older people or just anyone who likes wearing slippers.

10. 5 Assorted Rings // Pull and Bear // £5.99
We all know someone who wears heaps of jewellery. It's not essential to spend thousands but a few little nice-looking or authentic rings are always a great gift. These are cute and unique and the selection of 5 makes them worth the price.