Makeup Starter Kit | CharlotteBehappy

A 'starter' kit is what beginners should invest in when they're just starting out in makeup. 
I've included cheap, drugstore bits for absolute beginners, and then some bits for those who want to venture out. There's of course millions of different things you can put on your face, but they can be really confusing.

For absolute novices a concealer can help hide bags and spots. Lots of people only wear concealer for their whole life and it's a complete unisex product. It's easy to apply and blend and most drugstore concealers are decent. Another product that pretty much everyone uses is mascara. It adds length to your lashes and can open your eyes. Some people will just wear this on a day to day basis, and some may just wear this on a special occasion. Finally, a sheer lip balm. Some people will wear this to school or work just a something to put on your lips, whereas some people will genuinely wear this to finish off their whole look. Either way, they're cheap and they do a good job.

If you feel adventurous you can wear foundation. These can be hard to get right and are usually pricier. It's worth reading up on a foundation before buying it, and thinking about the finish of it and whether that would suit your skin. One staple foundation is enough for most people. I wouldn't recommend wearing foundation with bronzer or blusher. Bronzer can work to make you look more tanned, but you can get sheer ones which aren't over the top. They work as highlighters on darker skin. You can also wear blusher if you're fairer and personally I think cream blushers are easier to work with. This one doubles up as a highlighter too. They last longer and are easy to blend out if they go wrong. If you want a highlighter but don't know which one, you can find a less pigmented eyeshadow that's not a colour you'd wear on your eyes. This way you can have a larger range to test from.

If you want actual eyeshadow, a base is an easy way to add colour but isn't complicated in terms of blending. They last all day and are super easier to apply. It's easy to get your hands on cheap good palettes. All mattes is an easy way to start off with makeup, but for some people a palette with neutral shimmers are easiest. A kohl pencil can be used to line your water line or to line your eyes, depending on what's your thing. They're super affordable and worth the money. Finally, creamy sheer lipsticks are easy to wear but add more than a lip balm. If you're too scared for a bright red, find a sheer version that isn't as dramatic. They're not supposed to look precise and are easy to remove if they wrong.